My Season Prediction


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 2, 2014
10-4. 9-3 regular season, win the coastal but lose in the ACCCG, then go on to win our bowl game.

Boys - I believe we will be seeing our first 10 win season this year in a LONG TIME! Our strengths will be our dominant front seven that will make our defense one of the most formidable in the country, our great running game with Mark Walton, and our talented receivers (including freshman).

In my opinion, our weaknesses / uncertanties at QB and 2nd team depth at some positions. will prevent us from doing even better. First of all, I think sooner rather than later Perry will take the starting QB position. If one of the other QB's were to start, I don't think any of them have the talent to really carry the team and come up in big tames. It is VERY difficult, no matter how talented, for a freshman QB to come in and completely control an offense. There will be a learning curve with Perry but in the future, 2018 & 2019, this will pay off since he will be a much more experienced QB.

Miami does not have a full 85 man roster which may come to hurt us as the season progresses. I think our first team players, both on offense and defense, are good enough to compete with any team in the country. However, as a game or the season progresses, in order to remain competitive, you must have good 2nd teamers. DL, WR, and LB are position groups that have talented depth behind the 1st teamers. However at RB, OL, & TE, I would be VERY worried if even one player went down since I don't think the 2nd teamers are nearly on the same level as the first teamers. This depth issue is a problem that will be fixed over the '18 and '19 recruiting classes since we are taking in more talented players and hopefully will be able to reach the 85 man limit.

Overall, I think there are still a few too many question marks for this team to be considered elite or a national title contender. Miami certainly has the capability to compete with any team, but there is still some work together. That's why I view this as a positive transition year in which we eclipse the 10 win season mark. Then, when '18 and '19 come around... watch out!


May 17, 2013
So, OP predicts another disappointing season? 10-4 is not Cane success. He could be right about the record but that would be another failure. Success is beating fsu, winning the ACC and at least being in the discussion as playoff team this year. Remember, we are not trying to be UGA and Mark knows that.


Jan 16, 2012
Not sure how we lose 3 games and still win the coastal. That would mean that you have us losing to ND FSU and who? VT? If VT beats us then they'd have to lose to someone else. I don't want to win the coastal on a tie breaker. I want to win the coastal. If we lose three I put MR on the warm seat. This team has all kinds of talent. You pull 3-4 loss seasons with all kinds of talent and before you know it it will look like RS or AG all over again. Especially if you lose Diaz or Kul in the offseason. Because if this defense plays really well again this year teams will poach them.