Most seem to think this team is a year away...


Aug 1, 2017
I believe the time is now. We are really fuqhin stacked. NFL talent all across the front 7. Ballhawk DBs that are gonna thrive off the pressure put on QBs. Gamebreakers everywhere at WR. A hell of a back in Walton, who's gonna ball out this year. The OL is in a much better place than it was in a year ago, adding Navaughn + replacing Linder with Gaynor at C...& that line was solid at the end of last year. Rosier has the physical talent to take this team to great places...if he's "pretty good", we win 11 & play for a playoff berth in Charlotte.

I haven't posted much but have been reading this board for a couple of years & have loved the Canes since the 90's. The discussions on the board & contents put out by Pete & the staff have been a lifeline without football. Look forward to enjoying this with you guys...I really see an amazing season coming up. Let's go