Miramar - Columbus Highlights..


Nov 5, 2011

Deon Bush #2 looks terrible in these highlights. Plays soft and takes bad angles...sounds familiar. Look at his softness at 1:20. Obviously, these highlights don't show everything that happened in the game but what I see from Bush here is consistent with what people have been saying about him.

Also, it looks like Malcolm Lewis #1 didn't have much of an impact this game, as other receivers were making plays for Miramar. Both teams look talented and well-coached.


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Nov 3, 2011
I'm still having an issue with seeing Malcolm Lewis drop three balls in Miramar's win @ St Thomas Aquainas. Dude ran good routes and was hit in stride on two of the drops.


Nov 3, 2011
I was at this game last night and Deon Bush made absolutely ZERO plays. IMO he is one of the most overrated kids in this class.

Columbus basically lets him play center field at safety. A kid with his ability should be ballhawking sideline to sideline. He just seemed slow and lost. No range or aggression. On Miramars first TD he made a play eerily similar to Kacy Rodgers against FSU. It was an easy pick if he just broke on the ball full speed. Instead he just jogged over and watched Miramar's WR go up and make a catch. The only positive I can point out is that he came up and made a few tackles but still he doesn't really pack a punch when he hits. I dunno maybe he will make a better CB...I 100% do not want him as a safety after watching him last night.

Here are my thoughts on a couple other prospects:

Tracy Howard didn't do much but Columbus literally did not throw at him one time. He looks a little small but you can tell he is an athlete and not afraid to mix it up. He made a huge hit late in the game when Columbus was driving and he got flagged for it.

Malcolm Lewis certainly looks the part and seems very athletic. He didn't really make to many plays. Credit the Columbus cb's #21 and #24. Both looked really good in coverage. Supposedly #24 is only a true freshman...not sure on his name but he will be one to watch.

Miramar has another wr #11 who IMO looked better than Lewis. This kid is BIG. He caught a sweet fade pass where he went over the top of the cb and snatched the ball. This was the play where Bush totally bitched out.

Miramar DT #99 was a beast. No clue who he is or what year. Reminded me of Teraz McCray size wise and he was tough as hell. Played with a lot of swag as he was dancing around a lot and getting the D hyped. Columbus OL could not move him off the line.

Columbus RB's. #17 Radcliffe is clearly the best of the three. He was the only one who made any significant plays. He is a little bowling ball and runs hard as hell. He slipped a few times on the turf where he could have broke a couple big runs. Woodley #20 looks like a beast physically but was pretty unimpressive when he got his chances. He runs very upright. He is a junior so he has some time to develop. The other RB Chestnut (I think) is a smaller kid who is pretty damn fast but he barely got any opportunities.

Lastly, WR #3 Bobo Wilson from Columbus. This kid is the goods. Had a couple nice kickoff and punt returns. He is a little small but looks fast as hell. The Columbus QB was so inaccurate last night that they couldn't even get him the ball. They gave him a jet sweep I think once and he really showed his stuff. This kid needs to get more touches bc he simply makes things happen. He is a junior so definitely one to watch next year.
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Nov 3, 2011
Bush is a corner all the way. He's a press/man corner. Not concerned about him looking bad in space at safety because he won't be playing that here


Nov 16, 2011
Sorry, I dont care how talented Deon is, but the kid is afraid of hitting or getting hit.

Ill pass, give me a hard hitting kid that can learn.


Nov 8, 2011
Bush ...WANTS ...to play cb...he knows his limitatations i guess....he can play safety...but i think his hitting or physicality isnt as good as he wants it to be.....

but at cb i think as a freshman he likely could play here....i dont think Bush is soft...but he though he has the size is a COVER GUY


Nov 2, 2011
Wilson is good. I have been a fan since last season. CCHS doesnt give him the ball enough. I dont really want to get into it, but I thought it was an awful gameplan by Columbus. Woodley got 3 carries. No idea how you are forming an opinion on him

Bush was in on a lot of tackles. It wasnt a great game, but I dont see how you come away totally bashing him.

#24 is Trumaine Washington. He actually isnt a starter for Columbus. He came in when number 14 got beat for that TD.