Miami vs. Georgia Tech (full game)



TAFKA CaneClassic
Jan 31, 2012
When we get that chop block against Mullins called on us, at 2:10:15, the head linesman shakes his head at the side judge who made the call, I think says, "It wasn't. But that's okay, it's your call. Yeah." The head linesman is the guy who was in the spot to make that call and didn't. The side judge who is down field ran in to make it.

The side judge hates Miami or had money on the game. Those are the only plausible reasons for that ref to make that call and at that time. It put us out of field goal range and forced the Money Malik to the Magic Man 4th and 10 catch.

Also, **** these announcers for not calling out the zebras for making a potentially game-determining call.

That's okay. We're used to playing both the opposing team and the referees. We shall continue.
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