Matchup VS ND Left side of O Line


Redshirt Freshman
May 28, 2015
Cannot wait to see how Manny Diaz defends the powerful ND line and run game. We just might be their nightmare matchup
With the athleticism of our front 7. #56 LG Quenton Nelson is not only one of best lineman in country (Kiper says best guard in his 35 years)
But he may also be one of best overall players in the country. This will get Shaq fired up for sure. Should be fun to say the least.
Winbush is going to crap the bed! Pinckney and Shaq will have him doing QB slides!

Our offense is going to eat them alive. It will be Rosier throwing for 300 and running for 100!

We need all of Canesinsight fans to be there for Gameday on campus!!!!!!!!!

A little trivia side note...Nelson was Gordinier’s teammate in HS.


May 17, 2013
Pressure is on ND. If they lose their playoff hopes end in flames and season is failure. If we lose, we still win divisor for 1st time and go to ACC title game with chance to defeat defending NC and a possible playoff slot( I think we get screwed then but who knows), a massively successful season and massive boost to recruiting. ND is favored in our house and Canes remained disrespected -- always an dangerous place to be when dealing with traditional type Cane teams which this one is looking like.

ND oline is good but have they faced a front 7 as good as our yet? I don't think so. Kool sends them in waves; does ND have replacement parts to go the distance? I think this is the game were our LBs, who have gone from the main talking point of our defense last year to barely mentioned now, stand up and say, "Hey remember us!" That QB will be running for his life from our big dogs up front and watching out for those small dog in the secondary, perfect time for those midsize dogs to deliver the lumber with resounding crack.


Nov 2, 2011
Someone please just review last game and chart how the left side of their line did against McIntosh and JJ/DJax? Kthanx

Dan Sileo JR

Aug 2, 2017
Anyone mocking the left side of their line is an idiot. It's widely known that the LG is a top 10 pick in this draft and the LT is a first rounder.

I'm really curious to see how we stack up against them, I think Trent Harris will be called heavily upon here. Won't be a cake walk but if we can limit their run average with good linebacker assignment then we can win this thing.