Manny Interview on 560 at 8 AM


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Dec 1, 2012
Interview starting now, I'll try to summarize in this post

- Not knowing who's going to be able to play, how does it affect planning?
- Doesn't, you just practice with who you have and try to get better.

- How frustrating is the Tate Martell situation?
- Don't address it very much, out of their control. Focused on learning the new offense and making the most of the guys they have on campus.

- How are you treating the QB competition for Spring?
- All positions will be determined based on how they've performed since he got hired. Fresh start for everyone. Trying out everyone but the important thing is to not overreact at one or two days of good performance. Stressed that they have time because no game until August 24th.

- Mindset going into first spring as HC?
- Do the same thing for the whole team as you did for the half you could control. Make sure the team knows the objectives and they stay focused on them. Want to see everyone play with great effort and passion.

- How did he feel when approached about moving the UF game up?
- Great rivalry game and no better way to open the season. Great exposure, no matter when its played. Whenever they want us to play, we'll play. Want recruits to want to come play in games like this.

- New Safeties
- Lost two very good players but same thing happened in 2016. Banda coached them to become two of the best safeties in the country. Focused on developing all the talent. Mentioned all the safeties on the roster. Looking forward to the competition and the best man wins.

- Defensive players going to be drafted, how much time do you spend talking to NFL teams?
- Different scouts and teams contact him to find out what they can't see on film. Important to teach the kids how to be students of the game and be elite when it comes to performance in the classroom; just as important as the field.

- Crashing FSU, Joe Rose and Zach Krantz wanted to join next time
- "Might be harder to keep it secret next time." Internet story, not completely true. Said 2 or 3 things weren't true but didn't say which. Important to build relationships with HS coaches and this was a great opportunity since this is one of the biggest camps in Florida and they hadn't been there in a few years.

- Jimmy Johnson visit
- Took notes on what Jimmy was telling them. "it was like going to see Yoda in the cave." Telling stories most of the time. Talked player evaluation and what he really looked for in guys.
- Jimmy was excited to meet the staff and happy the whole staff wanted to talk to him.
- Never know when players are being evaluated because its always happening (Came up because Jimmy and Terry Bradshaw would watch La Tech performances)

- Recruiting
- Quiet period now. Get back to it in the second half of April and May.
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May 17, 2013
Since he can’t us sneak attack at Nike bash next year, Manny might need to upgrade from beer. I would and nice food spread. Everyone love free food.


Feb 19, 2013
He said yesterday in an internview that it was not true that he rented a suite at the fsu convention