Louisville and VT Get Off with Fine

If it was us, we'd have 80 scholarships taken over the next decade, permanent lifetime Bowl game ban, all 5 National Titles stripped & multiple players would be kicked off the team, even though they had nothing to do with it...
This is what happens when you are in a cut-rate league with scum at the controls. Whenever there is a mention of any supposed impropriety at Miami there arises an immediate deafening hue-and-cry calling for sanctions.

That there is a "$25000 penalty" is more disgraceful than saying that "no wrong-doing was found". As for Louisville .... well....once the coach is winning the administration there seems willing to sacrifice their first-born rather than do anything that cost them a few games.
Take kids to clubs...2 year investigation
Legitimately cheat in a game..25k

Feel like I'm missing some logic here
This was mentioned by ESPN commentators on one of the bowl games and they said it was a joke. The other guy on set said that he believed it was the most the ACC could impose.
what a ***ing joke

can we get the *** out of this piece of **** conference already
Comical. Improper benefits case takes 37 years to investigate and has you paying for years. Actual cheating is over in a month and gets you a slap on the wrist.
Are we supposed to be upset? If this was Miami getting fined for this ya'll would be ready to burn down the city lol.
Louisiville punishment should have been more severe. You add this on top of what went down with Pitino and the basketball squad, and it's clear they could care less. You have to be clinically insane to think a snake like Petrino didn't know about this.

More importantly: Why would teams want inside info from that powerhouse football program Wake Forest?