Lashlee, Baker discuss thoughts from opener, UL prep

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Jun 21, 2018
More like 20-13 for King vs 5-3 for Perry. Don't forget, he was carrying Donofrio for two years. He's had enough starts to get a comfort level of what they're getting. Perry also had enough starts (plus practice and scrimmage time) to scare them. And its not like Perry's a young QB that developing. He's now 4 years out of high school. Most likely, he is what he is.

We'd all like a QB with ideal traits but we don't have one. The choice is whether you want a good passer that can manage a good and give you something with his legs. Or a better arm that can throw around the field, to both sides, and keeps you on edge. Most coaches will pick the former.
And that's why most coaches aren't champions, to busy being conservative, I'd rather go with the guy that gives me the big play is about to happen at any moment feeling, right now I don't get that from the new transfer qb, interceptions don't scare me although perry is not really interception prone but I don't mind guys getting picked being aggressive as long as they putting up points, playing it safe at the qb position, that's not for me, give me the gunslinger. Cause at a certain point with those conservative qb's, the receivers start half-azzin routes cause they know the ball not coming they way.

With perry, guys know they might get the ball at anytime. Are you sure that transfer qb has 33 starts, not adding up man.