Keys to beating Louisville


Redshirt Freshman
Jun 15, 2013
They have beaten some good teams and played Clemson better than FSU did. They have athletes all over the field so they are dangerous. After watching all of their games, I see key patterns that teams that have beaten them seem to follow.
1. We have to bring the heat on defense. We have to live in their backfield. They will spread us out so our backers will have to move well and make tackles in space.
2. We have to play smart in the secondary. If we play them as we did GT, they will score unnecessary points which just makes it harder.
3. We simply need to make plays on offense. JT, Wiggins, Harley, Pope will have plenty of opportunities to make plays down the field. They simply need to make plays. No drops. No being outplayed to a ball by their DB’s.
4. They have a very passive front 7 scheme. They often run out of 3 man fronts. They drop a 4th down on occasion but the backers play lots of off coverage. This has lead to gaping holes for running backs. Not only should there be massive running lines, but Williams should have a clean pocket to throw all over the place. From what I have seen, it is rare that they get pressure.

Bottomline, Louisville will score. They have too many athletes not to. If we are on point, we will score more points in this game than any other save BCU. We simply need take advantage of our scoring opportunities and force them to earn everything. It could be a Notre Dame type win 35-17.


Mar 25, 2017
Their QB won’t get the chance to throw or run the ball

miami 31 Louisville 3


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Jun 3, 2016
Minimize their run game and our DB's need to play lights out and we will win easily, if Enos is on his game.