Keep an eye on this 2019 Cardinal Gibbons G--Jamari Willia


Jul 9, 2015
. I saw him as a true freshman at 234 pounds hold his own against older and bigger D-linemen. He is now 260 pounds and is very solid, long arms --little flab. I always thought as a freshman if he can get to 285 as a senior look out! Looks like he will make that and maybe a little more. Is a Nike legit 6-3 as a freshman. He had excellent technique and foot work for a freshman and sophomore.

Jamari Williams - Hudl
He is solid and compact at that weight. feet are good. Will be interesting to see how he grows and develops. I remember what Searels said about O-line guys you have to watch out for and they really develop in their junior and senior years.

"There's a lot of kids who can develop their senior year that get overlooked at first because so many people start to get offers early in their sophomore years. Does those kid continue to grow and improve like you think he will or is there a ceiling there?," Searels asked.

"You always have to have your eyes open for late bloomers on the offensive line. Kids from their sophomore years to their senior years are going to grow a lot. Some kid might be 165 pounds his sophomore year, but by the time he's a senior he's 260."

"I have seen those thing happen. So you want to give them time to mature, but at the same time we want to recruit the best in the country and especially the best in this area."
Kid moves light on his feet and can turn into the defender and seals him off. As OP said if he can to 285 at 6-3/6-4 as a senior worth a real look.
I can see why you like the Nike this last weekend almost 6-3 and 272 as a 2019 kid...very little flab and looks compact and solid.....kid will be like Scaife when he graduates possible bigger...ran a 4.88 short shuttle and he is still developing!
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