Juco for Bruce

Last Chance U

No, that's East Mississippi. Mississippi Gulf Coast is okay and I find it interesting he ended up there. I know the league fairly well. A kid I coached playing in Mississippi.
Is it a funnel to any particular school?

The article mentioned sending players to Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Texas Tech and Arkansas this year.

I did find a snipit on another website that said since 2008, Auburn got seven players from Mississippi Gulf Coast, including wide receivers D’haquille Williams and Jason Smith, and DL Maurice Swain. That's quite a few.
Do some of y'all be hiding in a cave year round?

Use the CIS search bar... It's your friend.
Good luck to the young man. I was hoping for the Last Chance U school and season 2, but we can't get everything we want.
Kid was a local legend and had some serious talent. He has a strong mother helping guide him, so there's a good chance he bounces back. I know he was a bonehead and hung out with other boneheads. But I wish him the best of luck. He was the only one of that U bunch that committed to Miami. For that alone he deserves some support.

Has Richt ever taken a kid back? Would love to see it happen here.
The kid is already running routes again. Amazing recovery. Wish him the best of luck