Jon Ford appreciation thread

The Sphinx

Aug 7, 2017
Ford is so content to just take on blocks and hold the point of attack. There is a place for guys like him, but NFL DTs do that AND they can get upfield. He just doesn't have the motor or the feet on a consistent basis, and he doesn't shed blocks well.

Yesterday was a little glimpse of his potential when he pushes himself.
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Not a scientist or engineer
Dec 28, 2016
Beat me to starting a thread.

I think we usually just ask Ford to eat blocks (important) because he’s so big and strong but he can still move a bit. He can be active in the middle if we let him on stunts.
Mentioned this to my friends in our Canes' text group. He's a very solid run-stopper who clogs up the middle but is generally underappreciated by the fanbase because he hasn't made a ton of splash plays. I think a lot of that is due to his role in the defense. Yesterday he was asked to do more out of necessity and he showed out.

Happy for the big man. He had a hell of a game.