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Joel Klatt

SA Cane

Feb 4, 2012
Klatt bothers you more than the inept leader we now having running the football program.

I hope they continue to be mocked until the program is purged.

Probably won’t happen since we have 20 years of disastrous hires.

A man can dream


All American
Dec 22, 2011
Ok. I knew it was at the end of the play and he was in no way a passer. I just mis-remembered it being a totally ridiculous call where everyone said WTF like many others over the years.

Yeah, and what is ridiculous is that a personal foul call is usually enforced on the next play, meaning we should have scored the TD. I think that was back in the time period where, if you "taunted" on a long TD play, they could take the TD off the board, and while it seems weird to use the same logic for (what was ruled) an overly aggressive block, I think that's what happened, because there was no way Klatt was going to prevent that TD.