Jimmy and Howard Speak

Jun 19, 2013
Sure they can compete with Alabama,” Schnellenberger said. “Alabama will be the favorite but hell, that doesn't make any difference. You know how big an underdog we were in the Orange Bowl? We were 16-point underdogs.

“Nebraska had won 22 games in a row. They were insurmountable. But we had more experienced players than Miami does now. We had recruited some damn good players and some were in their fifth year

Johnson also believes the Hurricanes can compete with Alabama.

“With the way they played Saturday, I wouldn’t bet against them against anybody,” J.J. said. “They were playing as well as they could play Saturday night. They would have to play that same way against Clemson and Alabama. They have done it before.

Entire article is worth a read.

Jimmy Johnson and Howard Schnellenberger enjoying this UM football season | Miami Herald