Jeremiah Payton on Alex Donno Show


Dan Penos
Feb 8, 2018
Payton sharing his thoughts why Miami has had such recent success recruiting Jacksonville area recently.. Said what intrigues him the most and what brought him to Miami was the continuity of the coaching staff and just mark richt pushing hard for him and how he wants to use him really appealed to him also coach richt coming off authentic and his track record with wrs helps as well.

Also the fact richt is getting a lot done on campus regarding the ipf and on campus dorms

Payton says he plans on being an early enrollee in December
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Sep 7, 2014
I can't wait to watch this cat play this year. 3 years ago, I got a chance to watch Shaq and Pickney. Last year I got a chance to watch Mallory, prior to his injury. This year, I get to watch Payton destroy these fools.

When I moved to Jax, the last thing that I thought was that I was going to be able to watch some big time ballers in this area that were Miami commits. Mr. Hartley, if you are reading, I am grateful for your services, good sir.

*Before the board patrol (U know who you are) corrects me, I am well aware that Shaq and Pickney were on board before Hartley arrived.*


May 21, 2016
I didn't realize that you were here in Duval. We will definitely have to link up for some games.
Just moved from Maryland in January. Every day when I get up in the morning and take the dogs outside, I feel like the kid from Field of Dreams. “Is this heaven?” No man, it’s Florida.

Looking forward to seeing some future Canes on the HS grid this fall.