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Jayden Gibson IMO

Mar 15, 2013
Is AJ Green. His quickness and acceleration at the line of scrimmage then deep separation over top is just like the 6'5" Green. I like a lot and I'm happy to see him CB'ed to us. Should he put on weight he could be compared to Kyle Pitts. Just that good IMO. Your take?


Sep 25, 2017
If we signed half of Kyle Pitts, that would be 356 yds per year as a starter. If we signed half of AJ Green that would be 436 yds per year as a starter.

No thanks.

Yet both catch everything thrown their way. That in itself would be a vast improvement.

Green was criminally underused at Georgia. If he had been somewhere they knew how to use a receiver, he would've likely set records. Imagine him at OU or even Bama today.

How many TD's did Pitts catch? We're also talking 6 TD's (half his total) in an 8 game shortened season. At that clip he ends up with 10 or 11 on half his expected total.