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Feb 5, 2013
Miami Hurricanes QB Malik Rosier Delivers Message at Halftime, Makes Statement in Second Half

“The first half they really had us and we came in at halftime and I told (the receivers), ‘Listen, they’re playing mano y mano, man on man. If you guys have that mentality that you’re going to win, I promise you we’ll walk away with a victory,’” Rosier said.

Malik is really starting to grow on me. Dude is super well spoken and has played very well so far. Looks to be stepping up as a leader as well.

Never thought Rosier would be the least of our worries going into this season.


Dec 4, 2011
Yeah me too, I wanted perry to start but rosier is winning me over for sure with his play. People can talk about the throws he missed which wasn’t a lot considering he was 26-37 for 33 yards 3 tds 1 int. Its important to note that the receivers dropped some passes too. Let’s not forget that brad kaaya had several throws throughout almost every game of his career where he wasn’t accurate at all and missing a lot.