2023 IOL Johnathan Cline receives first P5 offer from Miami, class of 2023


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Jul 10, 2020

Possessing a great frame to build on at 6 ft 4 inches with a weight of 285 lbs this 3.4 GPA, 3⭐️ Rivals rated offencive tackle prospect out of Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia figures to grow another inch or so, putting him nicely into that 6 ft 6-6 ft 7 inch range and sports the large body structure to put more mass onto and carry it well. He runs a 5.0 40 yard dash and was a preseason all-state honourable mention. Bench presses 400, squats 460 and cleans 270. He has an impressive 6 foot 7.5 inch wingspan and plays against schools such as Warner Robins and Hiram at a high level. His team finished 10-1 on the season and lost to an extremely talented Warner Robins team in a close game to end it. Interested to watch his development this season.

His tape (as linked below) shows that he is a tough, physical blocker who thrives getting off his first man, putting him on the ground/pancaking him and then continues to pursue would-be tacklers at the second level. Instinctual use of hands and good punching/jabbing technique though he prefers to maul his opponents, quick to the assignment shift and a willing and able pulling lineman. Creates good seal blocks against what looks to be solid competition, smart use of his hands to fight off but not hold onto rushers and possesses great awareness when overpowering his man to take him completely out of the play, drives/bullrushes hard and strong, almost defencive lineman-esque. Needs to work on his footwork, his ability to pick up blitzes faster and his ability to scan the field for threats more efficiently. I saw a few occasions where he was lost in space when the opponent left him free to move to the second level. Needs to improve on his stance and his overall jump off the ball as well as posture. Also must improve lateral movement to excel at the next level but a highly intriguing prospect and one I could really see blowing up just because of his intangibles and intelligence. I would project him at this point to be a guard, probably a right guard because of his willing ability to pull and his desire to push his opponent up the field, seems great for helping roll the pocket to free up extra time for a more mobile QB (Jacurri for starters).

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