Huge next 7 days for us

Gables Canes

Jan 10, 2017
The meat of ACC play begins. The good news is our next 3 games are at home, and all are winnable:

NC State - Wednesday, 12/29 at 9pm
Wake Forest- Saturday, 1/1 at 6pm
Syracuse - Wednesday, 1/5 at 8pm

NC State is 7-5 and has lost 3 straight. They can score but their defense is terrible. ESPN's FPI model gives us a 71% chance to win.

Wake is the surpise team so far in the ACC. They're 11-1, but their strength of schedule is 337, which is one of the worst in the country. They have 2 decent wins against Northwestern and VT. Other than that, they've beaten nobody. FPI gives us a 57% chance to win.

Syracuse is just 5-5. They're another disappointing ACC team who's terrible defensively. Their zone has always given L's teams fits, though. FPI gives us a 64% chance to win.

So we are favorites in all 3 of these upcoming games. We have a chance to get off to a great start in ACC play (4-0) before a tougher stretch starts with Duke on 1/8.
At the very least, gotta go 2-1 during this homestand. Go 3-0 in this stretch and this team might not be as bad as many of us may have initially thought.

I think NC State will be the easiest of the three games. Wake and Syracuse should be much tougher tests.
Agreed with all of that. I just hope we have some fans in the stands for these games. Attendance this season has been disgraceful, and the students will be on break until mid January.
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NC St game might be first to 80 wins, need some role guys to step up.
on the HB front two close friends of mine had back surgery, they spent years doing PT before going under the knife. ****e is no joke and only done as a last resort.

NC State worries me, they gave Purdue a run for the money and can score in waves. Need to shoot well against the Cuse zone, which has given us fits, hoping we can keep up the scoring we've shown lately.
So we’ve gone from “this team will be lucky to win one game in conference play” to “we should start 4-0 in acc play”

Love to see that kind of progress!
We still aren’t that good, but we have a favorable schedule to start and the ACC is historically bad. I never said we “should” start 4-0. I said it’s possible.
In fairness to L, the Syracuse zone gives most everybody fits. I'm predicting 1-2, with the win coming over Wake.
Wake is sneaky in the “last four teams in” per Lunardi’s latest bracketology. Seen them play a few times and didn’t think they were any good, honestly.