How Good was Pat the Bat?


Dec 11, 2015
Good afternoon fellow Canes fans,

I am familiar with Pat Burrell raking against the Marlins for years and years but didn't find out he was a Cane until he retired; obviously, never got to see him play for the Canes either. I am also aware of his infamous hookup stories - could be true or could just be internet stuff.

Heard this story third hand from an old roommate. A girl he knows is out in Olde City one night and realizes she is within a few feet of The Bat so she approaches him and after seconds of courting they end up back at her place. I dont know any sex details but they finish the deed and he gets up, put on his clothes and walks to the door to leave. She is curious why he is so fast to leave…..Pat tells her “I’m heading back out, but don’t worry……(turns around single pistol eye wink) You just got fucked by Pat Burrell”.
So basically pat used to date heather mitts whose now married to AJ Feeley. When they were all in Philly, Feeley saw Pat at a bar and went up to him and praised his career and the Phil’s. Pat started off cordial giving him the same bs back about the eagles. But before he walked away he left him with this “one more question… How’s my dick taste?” What a legend.]
Anyways, for those who saw him play - how good was the guy as a Cane and do any of you have any in-game Pat Burrell stories?

Hotel Ibis

Nov 7, 2011
He sat near me in an English Lit class my sophomore year. He never said a word to me all semester until one day the professor hadn't shown up 5 minutes after class started. He's telling fellow player Alex Sanchez that they should leave. He overhears me tell a classmate that I'm thinking of bailing on the class. After not saying a word to me all semester, he says something like "Hey Buddy, what do you say we get out of here." I say let's do it, and Pat and I get up and start leaving and the whole class follows.


Jaromir Jagr

Oct 6, 2015
I loved watching him play for the hurricanes. He not only had a great bat but he was a very good fielder.
Thanks for confirming those other stories.


Dec 12, 2014
I knew Pat....Was NEVER a Douche that I saw....played catch with him alot....
One thing I can say....Never saw ANY UM player with more Beautiful Drop Dead Gorgeous women....I'm talking 10s....Other than that...Best I've ever seen at UM in 42yrs....The HR in the regionals coming off injury still hasn't landed....


Jul 21, 2014
Best right-handed hitter I ever saw play live in college. Was a beast even as a freshman. We used to absolutely rake back then, and he was the standout of the whole bunch.

Side note: not sure if it was the “vitamins” during that era, but our teams back then just seemed bigger than the players we trot out now. Pat was huge, even as a young player.


Aug 3, 2012
Ah Pat Burrell stories. Legend has it he was the first Cane to drop a post-coitus deuce on a lady's floor, long before Najeh Davenport.

I knew him fairly well at the U and stayed in a touch a few years after. I wouldn't have a bad word to say about him.

He is most certainly a leading member of UM baseball's royal family. as has been said, one of the best right-handed hitters you'd ever seen play in college. He was also a legendary axe man who laid more pipe then Coral Gables water and sewage department.

I can't say whether or not any of these stories are true, other than to say he unquestionably and undoubtedly left plenty of women pretty pissed off. Combine that with the general clubhouse crap baseball players say about one another and I think that's where these legends are born.


Dec 13, 2015
I grew up with Pat Burrell being the phils Left Fielder. Also remember how they snubbed him from the ‘02 and ‘05 all star games.