How do CIS members like their portal?

How do CIS members like their portal?

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Sep 5, 2018
With so much activity going on this portal, the balance of the universe calls for a timely and thoughtful poll. Exercise your votes!
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We always seem to win the portal. Don't think that was a Manny specific thing. We will continue to win the portal no matter who our coach is. After going to school in bumblef*ck nowhere for a few years kids realize what they're missing out on.
Was mocked relentlessly when saying the portal was the wave of the future when filling out a roster and the current structure was a dinosaur.

The days of talented kids sitting and waiting their turn are over.
ITS THE ***ING INTERNET 🙀,.. and game playing, … and money. ITS NIL,.. 🙀
A natural "evolution" of the sport, due to the fact that there was so much imbalance for years and no attempt to do better by the kids—kids having to sit out if they transfer, while coaches could bail out at will and live their lives to the fullest. Same for fat paydays for coaches, administrators or bowl officials—while kids get shipped to crap destinations like El Paso and are supposed to be excited over a free Playstation or some shoes.

Dig the fact that players have more freedom and earning opportunities, but Pandora's Box has been opened and things are set to get out of control.

Quinn Ewers is a great case study; leaving high school a year early to run off to Ohio State for $1,000,000 in NIL money and within the year, he's already transferred out and is headed to Texas.

No lessons to be learned. No repercussions for actions or decisions made.

17-18 year old kids who are supposed to learn some hard knocks lessons at this phase of the game—they're now getting to bypass all of it.

The worst we were dealing with over the past 20 years was the insanity of college recruiting and kids becoming internet superstars because of highlight film—microphones shoved in their face in junior high school if they're big enough stars, scholarship offers coming in around the same time.

Internet superstar is now social media influencer of "public figure" and they build personal brands and seem to be more about self than team.

I still recall watching DJ Uiagalelei in Clemson's season opener against Georgia—19/37 for 178 yards with an interception in a 10-3 loss—thinking about his off-season of Dr. Pepper and Bojangles commercials and wondering if these NIL deals were a distraction.

If an putz fan like me is thinking these things, I can only imagine what his have-not teammates who aren't making a FRACTION of the money he's making are thinking about his extracurricular off-the-field activities might've had on his game in the Tigers' season, where they went 9-3 and missed the ACC title game for the first time since 2014.