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How are Richt's recruiting classes any better than Golden's?

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Jan 13, 2017
Golden is the only Miami coach who's recruited badly year in and year out. Even Shannon had the nation's #1 recruiting class after we had posted a record of 12-13 the previous 2 seasons. (For all you people who insist Richt's recruiting badly because of our recent on field play.) Granted that Shannon was probably somewhat able to recruit off the 2000-2003 days.

So far I'm not seeing that Richt's recruiting is any better than Golden's. The 2016 class was rated about #25 , which is worse than I can ever recall Golden recruiting. This class is currently rated #1 5. And our rating is artificially inflated because we have more commits than just about any other team on the list. Once other teams have as many commits as we do our class will fall about 5 spots. We have zero five stars. 15 of our 20 commits are 3 stars or lower.
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