When the U is on, there is nothing else like it.
Nov 26, 2014
Reading the Jobe story has me thinking ....the odds are stacked against us as far as securing elite SFLA talent consistently. Since we don't drop bags we have to rely on the kids "that really wanna be hear" and have "Miami heart". Bama Loves this. They know Jobe can commit a year in advance and they come in and swoop him up as long as he is willing to sell his soul. As long as Mark emmerit of whatever the fack his name is is running the NCAA this corrupted will go on unchecked.
Brilliant thread. Does it come with a translator?
Sad but true. I don't see it changing. Not on a private school budget.. with a bullseye constantly on the program.
99% of the time you start with "honestly", everyone will think you're lying.

And your opinion is based on the fact that we haven't won on the field. If we beat FSU and put together a good year, they coming
We just have to win. It's that simple.

The rules that apply to other programs, don't apply to us.

The UGA's, and FSU's, and UF's, and Clemson's can lose 4 games and still reel in top level recruits. They can get away w lying to recruits.

We have to win. It's all that we're missing right now.