Has one rule change


Cane Grad!
Feb 12, 2013
I think stopping the plays between downs benefited the D, but that was over 100 years ago.

Awsi Dooger

Jan 20, 2012
The only one I can think of is the force out was previously rewarded as a catch if deemed that the player's feet would have landed in bounds. Now you can lift and remove the receiver out of play.

Otherwise I can't think of anything that benefits the defense. I still follow the sport but it is not nearly as interesting as the wishbone era or the Ohio State/Michigan games that would end 10-9 or 12-10 depending on whether a straight ahead kicker made the late field goal or not. I used to anticipate those games all season. Now I tune in and try to pretend I care.

Fortunately I am old enough to have witnessed the awesome run oriented '70s and the Dolphins' unbeaten season. Then the Canes exploded onto the scene when it was still a nice balance of run and pass...hitting and finesse.

The rule college should get rid of is allowing an ineligible player 3 yards downfield on passing plays. It makes a mockery of the sport, especially when it is not enforced anyways. They should change to the NFL rule of 1 yard downfield or perhaps a compromise of 2 yards.


All American
Jul 25, 2018
In last 40 years ncaa football benefitted the defense? Seems like rule changes all tend to pussify the game and not allow defenses to be great.
Only thing I’d say is I wish the target call came with a 15 yard penalty on 1st offense with a warning..2nd offense kick you out the game..but the game is moving in the correct direction


Oct 6, 2012
A Major rule that has helped the defense courtesy of Nick Saban's clamoring is that Offenses cannot just go hurry up the whole game and bring in players willy-nilly while the defense is gasping. The Defense has the right to bring in players if the offense is substituting and bringing in new personnel.

But yes, most new rules do favor the offense and less favor Defense and Special teams (Hate the fair catch KO returns and so many Touchbacks.) I am getting sick and tired of it too.