Gregory Spann Earns Miami Offer, Plans Summer Visit


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Feb 22, 2018
Miami is still shaping it’s QB board for the class of 2020 which means Coach Jon Richt is dishing out some offers. The newest of these offers goes to Gregory Spann, the 6’4’’ 185 pound QB out of Saint Petersburg. Spann is working on getting bigger by the time he gets to college.

“Yes sir, I’m working on weighing 205 and trying to be 6’5’’”.

Spann prides himself on his playmaking ability in both the running game and the passing game.

“I’m a dual threat QB and a lot of people and coaches compare me to Lamar Jackson,” Spann said describing himself.

Wherever Spann decides to play, he wants the fans to know what type of player they are getting.

“That I’m smart and I will make plays for them.”

Lakewood recently finished up their spring football.

“It went good I made a lot of throws and ran for a lot of yards.”

Spann acknowledges that his game still needs work, this is why he has made improving his footwork his top priority for the offseason.

Spann knows how important his junior season is in terms of getting attention from big time schools, this is why he has set the bar so high for himself.

“To rush for 1,000 and to throw for 2,000.”

Spann has already visited both Florida and Duke, but does not have an offer from the Gators yet. Now that Spann has an offer from Miami, expect him to visit sometime this summer.

Speaking of earning the Miami offer, it was a pretty exciting time for the young QB.

“I was very excited and I wasn’t expecting getting an offer from them.”

Spann has yet to speak with Coach Jon, but he did get a chance to talk to Coach Dugans when Dugans came to his school. While Spann does not know anyone on the team, he still has expectations for the visit.

“That it will feel like home.”
May 2, 2018
I love that were going after duel threat qbs! I like this guys size! Sounds like a Baller ive always thought with our speed at the skill positions a duel threat could make us unstoppable! Looking like were going to be putting up sone points with our depth on defence buliding we almost back!
Jun 21, 2012
Lakewood is a local school for me. In fact, I once lived a block away. It is historically a black-dominant school but for higher level math students. Lots of smart kids there. It has had very good football-for Pinellas County-for decades. Some very good players are from there. Last really big name was Donte Fowler. So, my guess [I have not seen this guy play yet-but I will] is that he is first of all smart, and then athletic. He probably has not had years of personal coaching so he has room to grow. I am excited and Lakewood is historically all gator...................

Lakewood High School (Florida) - Wikipedia


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Nov 27, 2012
Check his highlights you can tell when he puts it all together he's going to be special. He has a nice arm and can run his footwork is the only thing he needs to work on for real.

It's a thread on him recently. Just scroll the 1st couple of pages.
Dec 13, 2012
I love that this kid is working on getting taller. Some of these kids nowadays just leave their height up to chance. Gotta get out there and grind if you want to get taller.


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Nov 26, 2011
Looks like 2020 might be a 2 QB year, I'm guessing we could potentially loose via transfer 1 to 2 QB, its a great time to restock.