Goodbye Monkey


Sep 7, 2014
So much for Richt not being able to win a big game, right? He just went into Doak with his two superstars (Walton/Richards) playing at 50% capacity at best. Everyone wants to talk about that game being only the third start for Blackman, well it was only Rosier's 5th start. Not to mention that it was his first time every playing against FSU, let alone at FSU.

Ending a 7 game losing streak to those f'uckers is HUGE! Before last night, every recruit that we have been recruiting for the past several years, including the ones on our team, were not even in high school the last time we beat FSU. This was a "program changing" type of win for us.

Congrats CMR on getting that elephant sized monkey off of your back. You deserve it!