Game of the Year of the Day, 1988: Miami 44, LSU 3


This would be one of my favorite games except:

(a) I spent most of the second half in a detention center just outside the stadium, and
(b) I spent the rest of the night in jail for "disturbing the peace" and "resisting arrest"
In the rain... at night.... in Tiger Stadium...this was and is hardly ever done to the perfection this game was in that stadium that night. LSU coach Mike Archer in his second year at LSU and a University of Miami graduate!
My Cajun friends warned me the week of the game that NOBODY comes into Death Valley and beats LSU at night.

I thought a play was blown dead Steve had so much time to throw that first TD. Lol. However 86, 88, 00, and 03 will always draw my ire! We should've been national champions all of those years. I digress, I digress.
Watching the starting lineups and the announcers said LSU's starting safety, their best DB, Greg Jackson was from Miami. Seems there's almost always at least one South Florida kid on the teams Miami is playing when watching these old game tapes. Whether they're playing LSU, Bama, Michigan State or Washington. Always at least one. Even back then there was so much talent here that major D1 talents could leave and Miami could still stack a roster with local kids.

Also thought it was interesting that Miami started three players from Chicago. Not historically known as a football mecca. And the three players were no slouches. We talk about the 80s & early 90s and the fence built around south florida, but Miami also went to places near and far to get great players at the same time. Seeing three Cane starters from Chicago surprised me.

Very interesting stuff.
I still remember after a Charles Pharms INT(IIRC) the whole Miami defense getting into a circle and doing the bunny-hop together. That clip made it to the ESPN college football bloopers video, lol

that game was great, Robert Bailey doint the 'Troop' dance after an INT for a TD( I think it was him), Randall Hill recovering a fumble in the end zone and shooting six shooters at the crowd. BAck then Miami wasn't just doing football but sports-and-entertainment. What a time...

Crazy how the game has changed so much ... Thank you for posting this .. Was pretty awesome watched the whole thing .... Miamis attitude "swag" is untouchable .. Love that ****
I remember this well. I was at the Barbary Coast sportsbook in Las Vegas. Canes were favored by 7.5 points. I didn't play the game. My friend who worked next door at the beverage department of Flamingo Hilton was a degenerate gambler called Miami Donny. He had finished his shift for the day and well into his own drink allotment. Donny loves to bet one game heavily per day, generally an underdog.

"That's a sporty team to give 7 and a half points at home." Donny repeated that type of thing over and over again, between sips and during sips. I tried to talk him out of it, and so did another friend. Our rationale was that Miami was giving Notre Dame 4 points on the road just a month or so earlier in the famous game, and now a far inferior team in LSU was receiving just a handful of points more. Couldn't be good value.

Donny seemed willing to listen until the spread bumped to Canes -8, just before kickoff. That did it. He wobbled to the window and took LSU.

Donny was mumbling to himself quickly as the game got underway. At least he didn't kid himself very long. He wandered away before the first quarter finished and we didn't see him again that night.

I didn't take advantage of that rout but it did set up a value wager the following week. Suddenly the Canes shot up to -17 hosting a very talented Arkansas team. Major overreaction. I had the points and it worked out perfectly, with Miami eeking out the victory but never threatening to cover.
Was in the stadium that night and it was loud.....for about a ridden to the game with some friends that were LSU fans and listened to their mouths the whole day....they listened to my mouth the whole game,the ride back and for about a year later.

Canes could have scored 70 if they had wanted too.

They got their revenge when they smacked us in the Peach Bowl.Cant wait to wax the asses in Jerrys World.Ill be there to watch that God willing.