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Nov 24, 2015
Alright you degenerates; didn't see an official thread so figured a few of you who actively wager on sports (@TrumpyCane @Canedog etc.) could potentially enjoy a thread to discuss plays and things of that nature.

Notre Dame -10 in hoops tomorrow vs. Howard caught my eye, but something smells foul about that one. Coming off a conference loss to VT, quintessential hangover game before facing their next in-conference opponent on Saturday...but Howard is atrocious. Still sifting through everything else.
Who y’all like this weekend?

What’s good with the Nebraska hype? Bookies think they beat NW by 14?
Casey Thompson comes in to play QB. Easy schedule and some expected positive regression (went 0-8 in one possession games last year). That’s where the hype comes from. I’m not sold on them but, over 7.5 wins is very realistic. Should be favored in 9 games. A win against Purdue and Minnesota should get them to 8.
Put $100 into my Betonline account today...starting with a ML parlay:


Will look into the evening games in a few hours
I went 2-2 today.

Northwestern +11 -110
Florida Atlantic -7 -110

Wanted to bet UTEP tonight and I am glad I didn't.

I did go 0-1 in the CFL

Had the Edmonton Elks , yes the Elks formerly known as the Eskimos. But PC changed that.

They havent won a home game since 2019. Hahhah. I thought for sure they would beat the Ottawa RedBlacks who are like 1-8.

But they lost. Serves me right to bet on the CFL
It's always nice to have a place to discuss our sports betting and predictions. I completely understand what you mean about the Notre Dame game. It's always hard to know what to make of games like this, but at the same time, Howard is really struggling this season. It's a tough call. As for me, I've been liking the NBA lately. The Lakers look good, but I also follow underdog teams like the Grizzlies and the Hornets. I usually bet at the w88 betting shop, which brings fun and an adrenaline rush to my life. Anyway, let's keep this thread going and share our predictions.
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After their recent loss to VT, I'm wary of a potential letdown game, but then again, Howard's track record isn't exactly stellar. It's a classic case of weighing the odds and gut feelings. I'm still poring over the stats and other matchups to make my final call. Betting is all about the thrill of the game, the analysis, and of course, the wins. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing more insights! Also, if you're into exploring new ways to enjoy betting, you might want to check out some interesting options at They offer a variety of crypto games and lotteries that could add a new dimension to your gambling experience.
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