Future summary of the Nole game


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Nov 27, 2014
This is guessing the score, but also, speaking in broad strokes, how we got there. Love to see someone else's version.

Here goes:

My prediction....pain.

Seriously, I think the following will happen:

We'll own the 1st quarter, they will cause a TO or run back a kick all the way or for major yardage. The half will end and well be up 14-10.

3rd quarter action - We march down and put a TD on the board, so now, it's 21-10 and it feels like we're going to take the game over. We make them go 3 and out with a crushing sack on a 3rd and long. Now, it really feels like we're in a good position.

They get a good punt away. We start driving. We turn the ball over via fumble or tipped ball drill on an over the middle pass. They capitalize and throw a fade to the corner the connects. Now, it's 21-17.

Dejected, we go 5 and out and punt. They drive and do better than they really should against our D. They get a BS PI call and get in the red zone. They stall and kick FG. Now, it's 21-20. Cane nation is experiencing a sphincter level of 14 on a 10 point scale.

They kick off and cover VERY well since they (Noles) are all pumped up, we start on the 13 yard line. Their crowd is into it and it feels like the old days.

We go 3 and out and they have a ridiculous punt return which leads to a field goal. Now, the score is 21-23 Noles. I'm pretty much crapping bricks and not believing what I'm seeing. 3rd quarter ends and some of us are quietly wondering if we try one of the backups since Malik's just not getting it done and now we're behind, in Doak and against one of the most talented D's in the nation. Not good.

Early 4th quarter, we go 3 and out and punt it with decent coverage. Our front 7 comes alive and not only makes them go 3 and out, but delivers either a sack and/or some crushing hits. Anyway, they punt. BB doesn't have a killer PR like last year, but solid enough (15-18 yards) so that the team is pumped.

Richt sticks with Malik despite the OL and Malik performing subpar. MR rolls the pocket and finds AR on a crossing pattern for a HUGE gain down to the 38. Mark or Homer gets us a 1st down. Malik finds #23 in the corner of the end zone and after a review that takes 5 minutes, we finally go back ahead. Now, it's 28 - 23 Canes. We're all nervous as hell, but wipe our collective brows and hope that Manny has made some adjustments.

We kick it off and now, String Bean comes off his emotional high and starts behaving like an 18 year old on a national stage. He passes for two 1st downs and gets them to mid-field and then...the turn over chain appears! It took longer than it should have, HOWEVER, we are FINALLY in that young man's head.

Malik operates the O with efficiency and it looks like we're clearly going to put it in the end zone, but their D tightens and they sack MR on a 2nd and 3 at their 12. Pass incomplete on 3rd down and Badge kicks it through the posts. Now, 31 - 23. There's about 5 minutes left.

They go 3 and out and punt. Cane nation believes we've finally ended the drought and we start to celebrate. Homer breaks a long run against an elite, but tired D. we are on their 32. MR tosses it to BB and James jumps in front of the ball. He returns to our 36, but luckily, Walton brings him down.

Now, roughly 2 minutes left and Doak is rocking like it's 1991 (WR1 for the yunguns reading this).

Our D is dialed in, but they do a draw and somehow gain 12 on it. Cane nation is back to a sphincter level of 14 on a 10 point scale. "Why oh why Lord, would you allow us to get our hopes up only for this to happen???"

1st down and String Bean throws it for 7 yards. All mo is in their court, but our LB's gather the team and remind them of who they are...or some rallying cry....

Next play incomplete. Next play, a QB roll out and sack. Jimbo already wasted a TO earlier, but now calls one. 56 seconds left.

String Bean completes it down to the 6. Insert expletive. Insert many expletives and hope the kids can forgive daddy later.

Plenty of time left and they can run their offense.

They try running out of the gun, but #55 pulls the back down, in bounds, for a 3 yard loss.

Stringbean is wasting time getting the team back to the line. Jimbo is losing his (insert expletive). He tosses a fade to the right corner of the end zone....almost...intercepted. The ball bounces out of Redwine's mitts. We're glad they didn't score, but we're also like, "DUDE!! The game would be over and you'd be wearing that chain!!!"

String Bean takes the snap. but it's a blitz up the middle. He can't decide whether to keep the play alive for a TD pass or try to dive for the cone. He runs out of time thanks to McCloud and throws it away.

This is the game. 4th and goal from the 9. He takes the snap from the gun takes one step back and throws it in the back of the middle of the end zone...


... incomplete!!! No flags!! Game over!!!!

We all are relieved we won! Later, we'll wonder why we didn't end the game earlier in the 3rd, but whatever! Streak's over and we re-own clutches at the end of the Nole rivalry game.

Alright, anyone have a version? I need some light reading before this Saturday.
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