Finish in the Trenches

Hurricane Hero

Jun 30, 2015
I think this class will finish with just linemen, OL and DL
Shemar Stewart
Dave Luli
Ahmad Moten
Mason Thomas
Anez Cooper
Maybe we get a surprise WR or DB and maybe Josh Conley Jr down the line, but that how I see it going. Also this finish would give us the best class in state.
Let's hope. Iuli is a big pull, shemar and conerly obviously are gems and either one or both would be amazing.

I have absolutely no worries about OL recruiting or performance going forward which is a nice change of pace
I agree with that. Iuli and Cooper are looking like locks. Shemar could go either way, visiting this weekend hopefully helps to seal the deal. Moten is probably a better chance for us than R Mason Thomas at this point but with Mario it's definitely possible.

Although I find it weird that Cooper is being recruited at DT instead of OG....but Mario knows best on that so I'm good with it.

Really want the DT from Georgia but even with him visiting it seems extremely unlikely....but so did Skinner so you just never know