Feb 25 vs Harvard 7pm ACCNX

Kayfus hits a shot to 3rd but 3b makes the play 1 out

Pitelli draws a walk

Yo-yo swings at first pitch gets a single (love the early aggression from him)

1st and 2nd Gino sends a double steal. Error throwing down to third we score one

Romero (I think?) brings yo yo home on a single up the middle

2-0. Great baseball
The Harvard starter was on the collegiate national team over the summer
Pitelli is an absolute stud at short. With that being said I don’t think Rosario is a #1 guy. I actually think he’s more of a Sunday guy than a ace. Something to monitor moving forward.. especially in acc play
Gino's fascination with both Rosarios is baffling but gtfo of my face with this kid as our Friday night ace.
Morales has to make that play...also concerned with how quickly things seem to spiral for Rosario (although this inning was just some balls hit in the wrong spots and the bobble by Morales)
Rosario is not it , things appear to get in his to easy , sucks because we really need him this year, hopefully he can fix it …..
Wow...u have got to cash in there...thats 2nd and 3rd and bases loaded so far tonight with carrier and nothing to show
Rosario has had two subpar outings against borderline terrible competition. Really not good for what looks like a somewhat promising team early on