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F$U Recruiting Class


Carolina Cane
Sep 5, 2016
Let’s revisit this after they get grudge fucked every week and end up with 4-5 wins. I‘m sure kids will be lining up to play for a dead man walking coach going into his last year as hc.
I'll gleefully watch this garbage fire burn brightly all season


Nov 4, 2011
The Noles are putting together a really nice class on paper (emphasis added). They currently have two 5 Star recruits in Travis Hunter (absolute baller) and Sam McCall and just recently added an OL from IMG who was being pursued by several SEC teams. They might also benefit from landing several highly rated legacy recruits from South Florida as well.

I recognize as soon as they start losing games, especially those games where they are expected to win, their class will fall apart. Ironically, it reminds me of our classes in the past that were ranked Top 5 or so heading into the season and then we would suffer 3 or more consecutive losses and the decommitments would pile up. We did that for several years.

I do not expect F$U to finish with the #1 class in the ACC. But, we cannot ignore the fact that Norvell has quietly assembled a staff of very good recruiters. That cannot be denied from what we have seen so far. Norvell has added several South Florida connections and the program undeniably made an early impression on Kelly and currently has Mortimer (an underrated but very good WR) committed. They are effectively selling playing time to big time players and it is working despite the product we all saw on the field last year and the spring game. Ultimately, success on the field has to be shown or players will stop buying into the story they are being told.

With Taggart, I was never worried because despite his early success recruiting (remember those corny "ring ring" tweets), he did not give me the impression that his staff could develop players and Taggart did not have a history of consistent success from prior stops. Norvell did more with less at Memphis and his offense was exciting.

There is no reason to panic because we don't know if FSU's current recruiting success is sustainable. It is much too soon to determine if Norvell and staff can develop these players. With that said, we need to keep our enemies close and do our part in keeping them down.

They will probably get a pretty good class because their current roster is horrible which can be a selling point to kids looking to start from day one. Not unlike our situation back in the mid to late 1990s after we were depleted due to sanctions. Not sure why this would be a mystery to anyone.

Travis Bickle

Nov 3, 2011
What does it matter if the coaching is crap? As much as we all hate Golden, he didn't pull in only scrubs. We weren't all beaters, but there was talent there. The D became miles better with a better scheme fit.