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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Morris, Blake James meeting


Dec 29, 2013
Excuses thread? Heck we have video of ALL the excuses!

We know Blake James' spouse is a "Forceful" personality around the house, so Blake tries to cater to these whims by styling himself appropriately, while also arming himself; this ensures he has a way to dissuade his sweetie from crushing him like a beer can.

The other night, Blake was under Mark Light Field and was all prepped as described, ready to go home after a loss TO DARTMOUTH, when he spotted Jim Morris, in disguse, trying to sneak out without talking to the one reporter who still cares about this team.

Blake, forgetting he was "home-prepped," intercepted Morris, who was startled by the AD's "attire" and fell into some pine tar that was left from the wooden bat days. Blake demanded answers as to why the 'Canes are so gawdawful and Morris supplied a slew of answers, unaware a video system, installed years ago by Tad Foote, was recording: