ESPN Rumph bringing it back

****, this was a sad article. I know the focus was on the future, but we've lost too many of our guys too young. Crazy to read about a guy like Leonard Myers being in a hospice room. Just doesn't make sense.
Yeah that was a rough article. I really hope they're able to bring that, fight...that controlled chaos back to The U. I think it makes a difference having multiple coaches from The U, who know and understand what it's about.
There's just something different that comes from playing at the other school has IT whatever IT is......IT's family,IT's swag,IT's tradition.Its all of that.

NO other school has IT like the U......WE are about to show the CFB world that once again they don't want any part of IT!!!
"Miami football is full-speed, running through people. We're trying to make people fold, but we're doing it all the right way," Rumph said
Man that was a tough read. Campbell was supposed to be #11 drafted. I remember all of these like it was yesterday. I'm sorry, but can't no other school claim family like we can. Dudes in the NFL at pro-bowls all getting together to take U pics no matter what year they graduated. Look at our Paradise Camp! I hope these youngins in So Fla see what's this U is all about. We put out prime time players and keep the family circle tight.