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Encouraging Defensive Stat

Nov 12, 2019
Until the Virginia Tech game, our defense had allowed every opponent's first offensive drive with multiple first downs and into Miami territory. Virginia Tech and now Duke were held to 3 and out on their first drive.

Even UAB got into Miami territory and into field goal range. They had a penalty and we made some plays and forced a punt. Same with Pittsburgh. Most of our opponents marched right down the field and scored. FSU got all the way to our 1 yard line, but only came away with a FG.

It's good to see our defense finally come out strong the last 2 games and be physical and flying around. Yeah, Duke sucks, but other teams with a poor offense came right out and pushed us down the field.

Kudos to the coaches and players for fixing this issue.


Jan 18, 2012
If I remember correctly duke onky cross our 40 like twice the whole game. That looked like ole skool canes defense last night even the young dawgs played at high level. I can’t wait to what the future holds foe this team.

1mg of Epi

Recliner Slug
Jan 2, 2015
I’m gonna roll with the assumption that Baker and Manny spent the last 3 weeks pulling apart their D and retooling their schemes.

yea, yea, I know duke sucks. Whatevs.