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Eerie Similarity Between Post 2013 and 2020 Season Program/Career Defining Choice


Feb 2, 2012
Back in 2013, Miami finished the season 9-4 after losing in a blowout to Louisville. It was the best season Miami had had since 2009's 9-4 season (with a loss in the same bowl game). This year, Miami finished 8-3 with a much closer bowl loss to OKST. This 8-3 season was Miami's best record since 2017's 10-3 campaign.

TLDR: None of this really matters and we're only delaying the obvious. 2013 was a farce, in terms of improvement. Of course getting a better DC will improve things but you still have a loser at HC. The real reason for "improvement" was a weak schedule.


A few things:

1. Yes, that was true that our record in 2013 was 9-4.
2. Yes, that is true that our record in 2020 was 8-3.
3. In 2013, some of us knew ALbortion was a fraud. It wasn't because of his refusal to fire Coach D. It was these 3 straight losses:

FSU: 27 Points / 517 Total Yards
VT: 18 Points / 549 Total Yards
Duke: 18 Points / 543 Total Yards

I can understand a loss to FSU. But with everything to play for, ALbortion consistently chit the bed. He was a loser. Changing his DC wouldn't fix this loser.

4. In 2013, there was no actual improvement. In 2012, we finished with a conference record of 5-3. In 2013, we finished with a conference record of 5-3. Our overall regular season record in 2012 was 7-5. Our overall regular season record in 2013 was 9-3. The difference between those two seasons:

2012 OOC: Kansas State (11-2) and Notre Dame (12-1)
2013 OOC: UF (4-8) and South Florida (2-10)

There was no improvement, only a much easier OOC schedule.

5. As for 2020, we went 7-2 in conference. In conference, we had conference wins against:

UL (4-7)
FSU (3-6)
Duke (2-9)
UVA (5-5)
VT (5-6)
Pitt (6-5)
NCST (8-4)

Perhaps this isn't that impressive. Perhaps the similarity, to 2013, is just a crappy schedule.


Jul 31, 2016
Blake James won't fire Manny after next season. And Julio Frenk won't fire Blake James. I think you're looking at another 2 years of Manny Diaz, at least, and IF he is let go.... Blake James will be picking his replacement.

This program is fucked until the people running the ship decide to make football a priority and go hire competent people. They could make that decision tomorrow if they wanted to. But they've done nothing to lead me to believe that they'll wake up one morning and magically figure it out. Not this year, not next year.

Miami football is dead and buried. It's been that way.
He will have to. The banners will be flying and the outside noise will be too much for him to hide from. As we know, outside noise is the only way to make Blake James do his job.

If Baker is retained this year, Manny is gone next year. We should go get Matt Campbell at that point.



Nov 2, 2011
Baker should've already been fired. The day after UNC, at minimum.

Manny doesn't have the stones to turn his defense over to somebody else.

1mg of Epi

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Jan 2, 2015
Here is my take on all of this:

1. If Manny doesnt have a spot in the ACC title game and the defense continues to be a problem, he will be let go. Regression is the stuff that he is fighting against. And the defense is his, make no mistake about it.

2. Blake James will be fired as well. There was a reason why the BOT (or part of it) wanted Highsmith, up to the point where they were willing to pay his full salary. Not everyone up there is a fan of Manny and/or Blake James. Its his hire and if it fails, be prepared.

3. Public pressure is a thing, even on social media. Pretty sure most of you understand what mob mentality means. They dont (and cannot) ignore social media. Blake Baker continues to disable the comment section under his tweets, which prevents people from making comments. Miami did the same after the UNC loss. If Baker stays (and he will) you will see a lot of people, including former players, being upset with it. And in a program like Miamis, thats an opposition you dont want to have.

Add to the fact that Miamis fanbase is knowingly unforgiving when it comes to failure. And I would like to add a final analogy:

To anyone who is familiar with soccer, Bayern Munich hired Hansi Flick as an assistant to then head coach Niko Kovac. Not only was Flick tasked to improve the offense from a scheme perspective, he was hired to account for a potential Kovac firing considering he had coaching experience and won a World Cup as a lead assistant. Kovac ended up getting fired and Hansi Flick was the new head coach. Bayern Munich has broken records for consecutive wins in the Champions League and still holds the record for most consecutive games without a loss. If they win the Club World Cup that will start soon, Bayern has won five major trophies trophies since Flick was hired and being called the best team in the world.

Rhett Lashlee was given a raise and a assistant HC title (whatever you want to call it). Guess who will be the guy after Manny ends up getting dumped...
I don’t think Miami is firing a coach after a 3 loss season, regardless of whether or not he makes an acc championship game appearance. They’ll look at that as a step in the right direction, as long as we don’t have teams beating us by 60 in the last 3 games. Even then, I don’t see it.

I see your Flick example, but don’t think it’s analogous to UM. First, Bayern Munich is an organization whose primary goal is to win soccer games. They will go to great lengths to ensure they win, because losing would equate to systemic failure of the organization.

UM is an organization whose primary goal(s) are education and research. They will go to great lengths to ensure they are successful at educating and researching. Winning football games is NOT seen as furthering the schools primary mission, so great lengths will not be taken to ensure the team wins to the level we want. This has always been true.


Redshirt Freshman
Aug 7, 2016
Hugge difference manny was left with a top tier team, golden was left with nothing and probation and loss of scholarhips cant even compare the 2 golden is light years better than diaz and thats saying something