Early Signing Period Confirmed

This is huge for us. Did not read the article but does it apply this year?
This is huge for us. Did not read the article but does it apply this year?


Could not help myself... and yes.
Great News.. I know we have Richt so there was already a less likely chance our class would collapse like they did under golden but now we can lock up at least 40%-50% of our classes before schools like cough TENNESSEE cough or some other big money bag school can do some sleazy sh*t to steal em last second..

Said it in other threads.. this is what gonna happen.

- Money talks but it won't be as loud. bag man will still play a roll in recruiting but usually bag man come up big when a school doesn't land the big 5-4 stars commit and can get the next best thing without forming real relationships.
- SEC will come back to earth.. SEC is a great football conference but the fact they're is always 5-6 teams in the SEC teams in the top 10 in recruiting every year is ridiculous especially when most come off underwhelming 7-5, 8-4 seasons with idiot HCs... that usually because the SEC gets so many last minute flips it not even funny.. They use their bag man to get those late risers that they don't have time to built "relationships" with... I think not only here but everyone not rooting for a team in the SEC thinks most SEC teams have duffel squad.
- Bama gone fall mad quick. They recruiting classes be like at 5-6 by December. They put all their eggs in 1 basket and if they don't end up with the player they start eating away at other school classes.. but those teams will have most of their defenses because instead of trying to keep 20+ kids intact.. they will be trying to keep 10-15 intact so they can use all their remaining resources on fending off schools like Bama, Ohio State etc..
- More competition. If you have a great scouting staff (and not just going after kids cuz a sites say they are 5-4 stars) then those school should come up quickly if they are able to project underrated 3 stars potential like VT, Mich St etc.
1) The dates mentioned could create an interesting atmosphere: National Signing Day as it exists now in early February is a show. Live puppies, sick announcement videos and last-minute flips are all part of the drama. But this is also an event that takes place after the national championship game and before spring practice picks up. It's slotted perfectly in an otherwise empty schedule. In late December, however, schools will be on break, which means availability by coaches and players may be sparse. This is also taking place right as bowl season gets underway. As far as player availability and timing, an early signing period could be much more subdued.

2) This helps players and coaches who want to lock things down early: Again, there's no specific formula yet for who the early signing period helps, but players and coaches wanting to end the recruiting process a couple of months in advance will now be able to do so. If a program wants to show it's committed, it can do so sooner by sending a early NLI. If the player is equally committed, then he signs. If either side doesn't show up as planned, it lets the other know they're probably not as serious about signing as they had led on. The good news is there would still be another 6-8 weeks for either side to consider more options. Players wanting binding protection will be happy, but a lot of teams benefit from this, too, if they find a 3-star gem without many offers or want to concentrate on fewer prospects closer to February.

3) This could hurt some late developers (on and off the field) and the schools that recruit/flip them: Recruiting isn't static. Players get bigger, better, worse or they get injured. Grades can be a major hurdle, too, depending on the prospect and school. Stanford, for example, may not get be able to sign everyone it wants because its admissions process takes more time than most. Late-bloomers on the field could be trapped as well. If a player signs early, he could be throwing away offers from bigger and/or better programs that come along later.

4) Certain coaching changes should result in a full release: Another way the early signing period could hurt players is if there's a sudden coaching change. These changes typically happen in December and January before signing day. (There is then a second, but smaller, exodus of coaches post-signing day.) An early signing period would mean more players could be subjected to the annual coaching shift after they've been bound to a NLI. Plenty of coaching changes take place during December and early January. The natural counter is that players should commit to the school, not the coach. However, coaches develop strong relationships with the kids they recruit. Those relationships are a big reason why recruits commit to the schools they do. This is no different than any other relationship with a mentor/teacher in any other field. If an applicable coach is let go -- be it a head coach or assistant -- between the early signing period and the February one, the NLI should be loosened. It won't be realistically, but it would be the right thing to do.
We will have enough spots for all the people who want to EE?

EE is irrelevant for spots. Every single recruit could EE if if were possible for them to.

EEs help with backcounting, but don't hurt you in any way
Pics like this is why we need this early signing period, why even make that statement a while back if you're still gonna play these games ?

Will this really change anything? Can anyone explain why this doesn´t simply move the whole circus forward a few weeks?