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Early Class Predictions (For the fun of it)


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Dec 4, 2013
A note before I put this here. This is on a good consensus of where certain prospects are on the board and likelihood. Notes I’ve taken and things I’ve heard around. Some of this can change between now and the winter but this is my prediction if I looked ahead. Not to be taken as an end all be all for the final outlook of the class. Would like to take a look back on this after the summer is over, it will be a busy but very successful time on the trail for Miami.

Jacurri Brown (GA)


Isaiah Bond (GA)
Jayden Gibson
Quan Lee

Anthony Jones (NV)

Julian Armella
Daughtry Richardson
Cameron Williams (TX)
Leyton Nelson

Nyjalik Kelly
Shemar Stewart
Dante Anderson

Daniel Lyons
Alton Tarber IV

Wesley Bissainthe
DeMario Tolan
Omar Graham Jr.

Khamauri Rogers (MS)
Jacolby Spells
Chris Graves
Jordan Allen (LA)
Nick Cull (GA)

*22 total, we have 24 slots for this class right now. Manny does not mind to pull from this class, so he can get a guy in the portal on the team right now. Regardless of what the NCAA does with the IC’s just for keeping it more simple. Let’s say status quo for now.

*Shemar Stewart is this years pick for me as surprise signee in the class. May be wrong, may be right but he is my choice. We had a few last year actually. Recruit, recruit, recruit and there is games to be played.

*Allen and Cull are underrated right now. Especially Cull.

*If Nyjalik Kelly is not a consensus top 30 recruit by the end of the cycle. I will be surprised, he’s every bit as good as Stewart and Jones.

*Believe this will be the year they get their top targets at LB like 2019. Bissainthe is the best LB they will nab in a long time. He is a top 100 guy but I’m surprised he’s not ranked higher... yet.

*Chris Graves is going to continue rising this year. 6’2” corner and trust me, he’s a certified dog. Pipeline being built at Bishop Verot, shoutout to Malik Curtis.

*Get the feeling Isaiah Bond will shape up to a Miami and Alabama battle. Bama wants him at DB, Miami wants him at receiver and I believe that will be the difference as he wants to play offense.

*The one I was close to not putting was Julian Armella. I was much more confident about him a while back compared to now, nature of the game in recruiting. Despite dad being a former FSU player, don’t think Julian goes there. If it’s staying at home, my bet is Miami.

*Have to give some credit due on early evals by the staff. Guys like Bond, Gibson, Jones, Kelly, Tolan and Graves were flying a bit under the radar until recently the last few months nationally. Kudos to staff getting on them before they blew up. I’m sure some of it had to do with lack of camps last year and shortened seasons, but the staff does deserve credit for doing their homework

Early predictions on some other big names:

Kenyatta Jackson - OSU (This one I could see as a potential change if Miami gets him on campus this summer. Could see us up there but I don’t feel confident enough as a possible pencil in today.)

Marvin Jones Jr - OSU
(Think Miami will be in the thick of it till the end with him, but I don’t think he comes here. I don’t see it being nearly possible him signing with FSU regardless of who his dad is, unless they have a massive uptick in wins this year. Recruits talk to each other and there’s a reason why kids are wavering from their class and decommitting.)

Earl Little Jr - Bama (I expect us to receive respect from him being a legacy but I think the guy honestly just wants to leave for college. Talented yes, but I don’t think he would make or break Miami’s class. That is not a slight to him as a prospect at all.)

Mario Eugenio - Michigan (I mentioned recently he is someone who has risen up for Miami recently. From intel I had received, I don’t think he would pick Miami and I think if another in-state offer came he would be more likely to head there.)

Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy - OU (This guy would be near top of list most wanted for me this cycle.)

Jamari Lyons - UF

Trequon Fegans - UGA

Sam McCall - South Carolina (Think the writing is on the wall that this guy is not sticking with FSU. I expect his recruitment to have a lot of twist and turns. TRob will keep us in the game with him for the distance. South Carolina has an edge with Torrian Gray roots into Lakeland.)

Markeith Williams - UF (I don’t think UF makes the same mistake letting this guy go out of state from the same school Sevyn Banks came from, who was a UF legacy himself.)

Kamari Wilson - UGA (His interest in Miami is legit, it is. This is not a James Williams situation though where I had the confidence we would still be in it regardless of UGA hype. He just legitimately really likes UGA. We’ve gone head to head with UGA and won some and lost some, they win this one. TRob will keep us in the hunt with this guy though.)
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Nov 3, 2011
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Goulds Cane

Jan 11, 2020
I think Bond likes us but he'll probably spurn us for the SEC. I also think we'll get Mortimer.
I want Kaden Helms & RJ Maryland at TE.
I don't think Armella comes, no OV = not coming
I think we'll only get Kelly & Eugenio at DE. Still a great haul.
I badly wish we get Khamauri but I doubt we will.
Where is Lathan at?


Jun 17, 2018
Ok I gotta bring it up since I’ve seen no one address it WHO IS OUR PUNTER NEXT YEAR. Is Hedley seriously gonna give us another year csz I haven’t seen or heard anything on the that and zero about us recruiting one
Mar 15, 2013
I like your LB prediction, elite haul. So disappointed with the DE situation, Stewart and Jackson. Hopefully we can get Graves, Rodger and Spells at CB. I like all the OL guys, big, tall and agile. At WR I love Jayden Gibson, Bond is very solid, but would replace Quan Lee with the speedster from Dillard (fsu).