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Early 2022 Class Projection

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Editorial staff
Dec 7, 2020
The Miami Hurricanes 2021 class finished ranked 12th after going 8-3 during the 2020 season. While less than half the class is already on campus preparing for the spring, the Canes are already looking ahead. Miami adding a pretty much brand-new defensive staff this off season during a period where recruits can’t visit, building a relationship early is key. Early is the word for today’s article because we will be looking at a very EARLY 2022 Projection Class for your Miami Hurricanes.

2022 Early Class Projection

1. Jacurri Brown (QB) 6’4” 205lb from Lowndes High (Valdosta, GA)

Lowndes High School should sound familiar because 2021 signee Thomas Davis also played there. Jacurri is a great dual threat QB who has a body frame and athleticism for his size that could create huge upside, he just needs to get more accurate. Miami currently seems to be in a good place; while UF was once the leader, he seems to be looking at other options right now. Texas A&M was a contender as well, but they are also going after other QB’s. Arkansas and Arizona St other teams to watch for Brown.

2. Terrance Gibbs (RB) 6’0” 190lb from Winter Park High (Winter Park, FL)

Gibbs has all the tools to be a great running back. He is coming off an injury after tearing his ACL in practice, but after a full recovery, look for a bounce back year for Gibbs. Miami seems to have put Gibbs as #1 priority for the RB position, which is an already loaded room. Just about every school in the country has offered Gibbs, but Miami seems to be a favorite.

*Before I get into the WR’s, I would like to note that in this next class, it seems to me like the staff is eyeing a lot of out of state targets for this next WR group that will come in.*

3. Mike Jackson Jr. (WR) 5’10” 150lb from Miami Palmetto High (Miami, FL)

Jackson is a speedster. You think 2021 Miami signee Brashard Smith was fast? Jackson might be faster. The local talented wide receiver has made a name for himself in some of the 7-on-7 tournaments and he's hard not to notice in your own backyard. I think if the staff misses on a player like Shazz Preston from Louisiana, this is most likely your guy. Jackson gives you another player who can take the top off the defense in one play.

4. Landon Ibieta (WR) 6’1” 185lb from Mandeville High (Mandeville, LA)

Ibieta is a player who has stood out in recent weeks. Making play after play in 7-on-7’s for the Bootleggers, Landon has it all. Turn on the tape and watch for yourself - ball skills, football IQ and play making ability are just a few of the highlights in Landon’s game. Although LSU seems to be an obvious favorite, they have not offered yet, and Miami is one of the few major schools to already be in contact with Landon. Coach Likens seems to have made a great early impression and think Landon would be a great addition to this class. Player comparison is similar to an Adam Thielen in my opinion.

5. Samuel Mbake (WR) 6’3” 205lb from Brookwood High (Snellville, GA)

Mbake plays football currently at IMG who seems to use his big body frame to his advantage. Great length allows him to snatch balls out of the air. Miami, UGA, and Penn State to be the favorites. Look for Jess Simpson to help use his Georgia roots to help Likens for Mbake.

6. Jayden GIbson (WR) 6’6” 185lb from West Orange High (Winter Garden, FL)

If Miami had a top target at wide receiver for the state of Florida right now, its Gibson. His 6’6” frame and ball skills are very Tommy Streeter-like and is hard to miss on the football field. Miami has been missing a big body WR for years and seems like Miami has their eye on a few. Look for Gibson’s Miami recruitment to heat up.

*“WOAH WOAH Brad, Take 4 WRs?!” I wanted to have some realistic options on here along with some targets whose recruitments are just beginning. I know this staff is really eyeing a lot of targets out of state. Don’t be surprised if this next class only has 1 or 2 WR from in the state of Florida.*

7a. Marcus Peterson (TE) 6’4” 200lb from Columbia High (Lake City, FL)

Peterson is a dual athlete who can play ball. Played a few positions in high school, but seems TE will be his calling. Miami has their eye on him along with another target.

7b. De'Carlo Donaldson (TE) 6’2” 215lb from Gulliver Prep (Miami, FL)

Donaldson is another target Miami is looking at for TE. Also plays for the Miami Immortals 7-on-7 team which could help. Either way Miami is loaded at the TE position for the next few years.

8. Julian Armella (OL) 6’6” 300lb from Columbus High (Miami, FL)

Armella is not ONLY the BIGGEST player in this class but the BIGGEST priority. Coach Garin Justice has been on him from the start of being hired here and seems like Miami as of now is the team to beat. Him staying home and having his family watch him play would mean the world to his family, Abuela in particular. Every school in the country is going after Armella but I think this is one KEY local talent that wants to “Make the Crib Great”.

*I fully expect more than 1 lineman in this class, but as of now, it’s hard to say who else Miami has legit shot at.*

9. Jamaal Johnson (DL) 6’2” 240lb from Chaminade-Madonna Prep (Hollywood, FL)

Johnson was the first commit for the Miami Hurricanes in this class. Johnson brings major upside and lots of tools that can make him great on the next level. I expect Johnson to be one of those tweeners for Jess Simpson who can play both inside and outside, similar to an Elijah Roberts. Look for him to play more outside pass rusher unless Miami lands another big name.

10. Marvin Jones Jr. (DL) 6’4” 225lb from American Heritage (Plantation, FL)

Jones Jr. was already a big name a year ago but now it’s even bigger. Many SFL local coaches and scouts have said that Jones Jr. is the most talented pass rusher in this class and could be the best overall player in SFL. Miami and Alabama seem to be the favorites. I would “hope” Miami finds a way to land him but with Nick Saban in his ear... we know how that goes.

11. Dante Anderson (DL) 6’3” 205lb from Homestead High (Homestead, FL)

Anderson is a local target that has been getting his name linked to Miami for quite a while now. Anderson is not afraid to show his love and passion to the Canes fan base, which is why I feel very confident we land Anderson. His great size and range will be an important addition to the DE room.

*Miami must find a way to land at least 3 local DE’s in my opinion.*

12. Brandon Cleveland (DL) 6’3” 260lbs from Carrollwood Day School (Tampa, FL)

Cleveland is one of the few that are already committed in this class. A trench bully machine, I expect him to play inside and be a great player to develop under Coach Simpson. While Cleveland’s recruitment isn’t completely shutdown, I still remain hopeful he becomes a Cane.

13. Daniel Lyons (DL) 6’4” 270lb from Homestead High (Homestead, FL)

Lyons is another Homestead player along with Anderson who I feel very confident in landing. The Miami buzz has picked up a lot lately with Lyons and he isn’t shying away from it either. Lyons would be another great add to the inside pass rush. Ole Miss also another team to watch for.

14. Wesley Bissainthe (LB) 6’1” 200lb from Miami Central (Miami, FL)

Bissainthe is a beast. If you follow SFL High School football, then you are very familiar with the name. Wesley brings every asset to the game, being a fundamentally-sound linebacker who can be great at the next level. Miami in the past has missed on some of the best LB’s in Florida, which is why Wesley is my #1 target in this class. I debated between Wesley and Armella for numero uno, but the linebacker position has been lacking for years and I’m hopeful coach Travis Williams can fix it.

15. Travious Lathan (LB/S) 6’2” 200lb from Gulliver Prep (Miami, FL)

Lathan is another linebacker that has picked up some steam for the Canes. Lathan is your typical outside backer that is rangy enough to play safety and who can help rebuild the linebacker room for the future. Look for LSU and UF as the other two teams in play for Lathan.

*I think Miami needs to take at least 4 corners with Tyrique Stevenson and possibly Al Blades and DJ Ivey leaving after this next year.*

16. Khamauri Rogers (CB) 6’1” 170lb from Holmes County High (Lexington, MS)

Rogers seems to be a fan favorite, although he doesn’t reside in SFL. Rogers has continued to impress at recent 7-on-7’s and has the lockdown coverage to go along with it. His stature and length give me DJ Ivey vibes, but the play making ball skills, technique-sound hips, and willingness to get physical makes him a top target for the Canes. Ole Miss and Miami seem to be the favorites as of now for the Bootlegger phenom.

17. Jordan Allen (CB) 5’11” 180lb from Lafayette Christian Academy (Lafayette, LA)

Allen is also a teammate with Rogers and Ibieta for the Bootleggers is a name to look out for. Miami seems to be heating up with him and I could even potentially see him being used at striker down the line.

18. Jacolby Spells (CB) 6’0” 170lb American Heritage (Plantation, FL)

Spells is the corner in SFL with the most buzz right now. Spells, who plays across from phenom Earl Little Jr., has no problem shying away from the competition. The once-WR who recently shifted to corner has all the tools, traits, and ability to be the best corner not only on his football team, but in SFL. Some in the area who have played against Heritage would say Spells is actually the shutdown corner on the team. DVD has already formed a relationship with Spells, but look for Travaris Robinson to take things to another level. I like Miami for Spells and he would make the ideal nickel cornerback.

19. Trequon Fegans (CB) 6’2” 181lb from Oxford High (Oxford, AL)

Fegans is a name that in recent weeks has had connections with Miami. Fegans brings length, athleticism, and play recognition to the table that could help the CB room. Although Fegans lives in Alabama, he is indeed a Miami fan along with some of his family. He recently started playing for the Miami Immortals 7-on-7 team and will continue to play for them. Another benefit that could help Miami land him is that he recently took a tour of the campus.

20. Kamari Wilson (S) 6’1” 200lb from IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)

Wilson is obviously a name that has been attached to Miami for quite a while now. Wilson has offers from every program in the country, but the Miami fanbase along with the staff has made quite the impression on him. A violent tackler who isn’t afraid of contact and can recognize a play and react instantly is something needs at Miami. Miami and Alabama seem to be the top 2 and I would expect this to go down to the wire. Ultimately, I think Wilson gets UM to sweat it out, but picks the Canes in the end.

21. Alfonso Allen (S) 6’1” 180lb Hallandale High (Hallandale, FL)

Allen is no stranger to the Miami program or fan base. When you think of safeties from “The U”, Ed Reed and Sean Taylor stick out instantly, which tend to make the younger generation gravitate towards following in those footsteps, guys such as James Williams. Look for Allen to be the next safety to take over that tradition, along with helping Miami land a few of his teammates. The Hallandale boys are currently a hot commodity for a lot of staffs in the country.

*“But Brad, I only see 21 names, I thought it’s 25?” A couple reasons why I only listed the 21 above:

  1. 25 is the hard cap (until we hear a change on the NCAA rule) so I fully except the staff to save a few spots for transfers like we have had in the past. Especially with this next class not being as loaded as prior years specifically in SFL.
  2. This is an EARLY projection but wanted to make it as realistic as possible for where the Canes stand as of now with these players. TONS of talent missing from the list above which could add to this class, like these names below.

-Earl Little Jr. (CB) from American Heritage is probably the most popular name in this class and it’s for good reason. Son of former Miami great Earl Little and one of the top corners in the nation. Seems like Alabama has made a very strong impression on him and as of now I would say is the team to beat, with LSU and Miami after. Miami is not 100% out, but winning this next year will have a lot to do with it.

-Zach Rice (OL) from Virginia is one of the top linemen in 2022. Miami has a lot of ground to make up from some of the bigger programs.

-Tyler Booker (OL/DL) from IMG Academy is another big-name tackle Miami is eyeing. Unfortunately, every school in the country has their eye on him along with Rice. Going to be a tough pull for the Canes, but don’t count them out just yet.

-Shemar Stewart (DE) from Monsignor Pace is a dominant player who is a well-known name in SFL. I personally think Stewart is a SEC type player who will decide between schools like LSU or UGA.

-Kenyatta Jackson (DE) from Chaminade-Madonna Prep is another local prospect who Miami is very familiar with. Miami is obviously in the hunt but as of now it feels like Clemson is the team to beat.

-Ryan Turner (CB) from Chaminade-Madonna Prep is a player I could see being in this class as well. Look for staff to pick up the steam on him within the next few weeks.

-Trevell Mullen (CB) from Coconut Creek is another corner who has impressed as of late. Coach Travaris Robinson has made a very good impression on him and feels Miami is in a good place despite him possibly wanting to leave out of state to play football. Look for Mullen to possibly replace one of the corners I listed if we miss on them.

-Shazz Preston (WR) from Louisiana is another Bootlegger 7-on-7 player who has been getting a lot of recognition. I think Miami would love to add him, but hometown LSU seems to be the favorite. I will add that if Miami finds a way to add him in this class, then I don’t think Mike Jackson Jr. stays.

-Isaiah Horton (WR) from Tennessee great length and offers from pretty much every SEC program. Miami just started reaching out to Horton but he’s a name to keep a name on.

A lot of info for just my first article, but I hope you Canes fans now have a better look of how this 2022 class is already shaping up. Don’t forget to Subscribe and Like our new @CanesInSight YouTube Channel. We will be bringing on local recruits and breaking down their film, current/former players, and of course talking about anything regarding the Miami Hurricanes football team.


Nov 3, 2011
Would like to see us land 1 of Jackson or Stewart.

When you say Stewart is more like an $EC prospect do you mean he's looking for the best offer?


Editorial staff
Dec 7, 2020
less wideouts ... more olinemen
Agree! I think by the end of all of this more OL will be in here obviously but a lot of the relationships and offers are just starting. Not enough info to know which ones we have a realistic shot at as of now.


Maude. Gone. Rogue.
Jan 12, 2014
I think Stewart just wants to be in the SEC. When I think of Stewart I get Harris/Bogle vibes. I think Jones Jr is the main guy we must land.
Great work, Brad. Kind of surprised to see Marvin Jones Jr as opposed to Stewart though no complaints either way. I’d be thrilled to have either. I know it’s been said that we weren’t getting both but I was under the impression that Jones was the one going SEC.

Earl Little Jr hurts... a little. I hate that we can’t wrap up stud legacies. Hopefully, with the staff we’ve added, things will open up more for us and it looks like it’s already starting to given the geographic makeup of the projected class.


Mar 3, 2017
15. Travious Lathan (LB/S) 6’2” 200lb from Gulliver Prep (Miami, FL)

This kid needs to stop thinking he is a WR and realize his money in the future will be made in the defensive side of the ball. Hopefully, whoever Manny has on this kid is selling him on the idea he will have a chance to earn a spot at WR ***wink wink*** because the kid can be special on the defensive side of the ball.