Don't want to knee jerk on Lashlee, however...

Nov 3, 2011
Yeah, that's great, but when that's your base offense people figure it out like they figured out the other sht. Those guys are mismatches and successful because it's not the only thing we do. It isn't the first thing we do. Mallory got free on that second score because we weren't featuring him all game. Had we tossed it to him a bunch they wouldn't have lost sight of him so easily.

Bottom line, you have to be able to do different things. You can't just look at the one thing that works a few times a game and say "lets just do that every time!" Well you can, but it won't fcking work.

WTF are you rambling about? They've barely been on the field together even when both have been healthy.


Mar 13, 2018
I'd say throwing TD passes consistently to running backs and Tight ends is scheming around our weakness at wr. Wtf else do you want him to do. We are 4-1 and your acting like richt or enos is oc.
Trust me I'm glad we don't have richt/enos and I'm elated to be 4-1. But we saw how Clemson exploited our wr' what I expect is for our receivers to wake tha f up and start making plays.