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Don't give me the close losses BS excuse Blake, Manny or BOT


Jan 6, 2015
Let's review this season:

Bama - Down 27-0 by Q2 with 6:55 left. Down by 24 at half
App State - Dogfight, never led by more than 5. Down by 2 at half
Mich State - Down by 10 in Q3 with 6:08 left, end up losing by 21 and getting outscored 21 to 3 in the 4th. Down by 3 at half
UVA - Never led. Down by 13 in Q3 with 5:50 left. Down by 9 at half
UNC - New led. Down by 11 in Q3 with 5:56 left. Down by 14 at half.

And last few games against P5 last season:

UNC - Led by 3 briefly. Down by 30 in Q4 with 14:16 left. Down by 24 at half.
OK State - Never led. Down by 21 in Q1. Down by 12 in Q4 with 14:19 left. Down by 11 at half.

This needs to be copy pasted to those in power. You can say we made adjustments, perhaps the other teams just pulled off a bit being up double digits.

Constantly behind, under prepared and never really in the games. IDGAF about the final score being close. Just look at the game flow.