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DL Class🔥🔥🔥🔥


Oct 27, 2012
I love what we did with the DL class. Moten, Cooper, Kelly and Moss. Mario did all this in a few months😲.
Imagine how filthy our next years class will be. We're trending the right way.
Hell yes. The folks at Rivals said that Cooper has tremendous potential if we can get the mustache man after him. Kid is huge, is quick, and naturally powerful young man. Moten was heavily recruited by Venebles to OK and he is the best in town. If he wants, I want. Kelly, what can you say, he was the best DE in town, bar none. Moss is top 100 and one of the top 3 DEs in the country. Who can complain with this haul. As you said, wait until next here when he will have a full 12 months instead of 60 days to work his magic. We are in great shape to recover our trophy.