Dj Williams - 2019 Rb 5'10 194


Redshirt Freshman
Sep 5, 2014
Just rewatched this kids film and just wondering if he is being severely slept on??? He's got a really good pedigree (Edges nephew), size, speed, good balance and explosiveness. The two things that stand out most to me though are the fact that he shares the backfield with a pretty solid rotation of backs (limited touches)but most importantly, his offensive line is GOD AWFUL compared to the other top backs that everyone is all over in that respective class.. Not comparing him to Cain or Wright or anyone else, but when I watch their highlight films they consistently make it to the 2nd level without being touched, while there isn't really a play on Williams entire film like that. I'm interested to see his recruitment plays out as this class still has 2 more years to develop.

2016 SEASON, SOPHOMORE YEAR - DJ Williams highlights - Hudl