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Diaz breaks down team heading into spring scrimmage #2

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Lake Lucerne Cane
Nov 25, 2017
You all admit is coach speak, yet are all complaining and making a big deal of such coach speak.
This is not the pros and even there coaches hardly ever criticize players openly to the media.
I don't think anyone is looking for coach to criticize the players. Fans are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing him sound so politically correct all the fugging time. Dude comes off as if he's just towing the company line every time he has a presser. He's always acting like he's friends with these players and the results he gets is the players do not fear him. That's Manny's achilles heel if ya ask me. I'm hoping Manny pulls this off and becomes wildly successful here BUT when you listen to him speak, unfortunately, it kinda makes me cringe. We have the talent. We have better coaching. Do we have the right head coach? We will find out this season.

Go Canes!!!

Empirical Cane

We are what we repeatedly do.
Sep 3, 2018
"he mentioned Dee Wiggins and Mark Pope as having shown improvement thus far."

Frustrated Clint Eastwood GIF
Can they improve enough or has the shipped sailed?


All-ACC (#1 most reproted porster on CIS)
Feb 7, 2013
Diaz is going to continue to trot out #8 and #6 at WR no matter what X, Key, Brashard or Brinson do. Also you can expect for Cam Harris to be named the starter or "feature back". I like Cam as much as anyone but Chaney should be the guy but he won't because there is an experienced upperclassmen on the team. Same with Rivers. No way he starts over Clark no matter how good he is.

Same on defense. Fully expect Carter to play much more than A Williams. I don't have a problem with #5 playing if he is used the same way Diaz used him in 2018. Blitzing, attacking the flats in Cover 3 etc. We can also fully expect for Jennings and Ivey to get plenty of burn. The starters at LB will be Flagg and Jennings. Even assuming Al Blades at 100%, Ivey will still play a ton no matter how good Clarke and Dunson look in practice. As for McCloud, I'm rooting for the kid to have finally found his niche at DE. If McCloud can be a Trent Harris clone for 2021 then I'll be ecstatic. The thing is that Diaz is going to play him regardless of wether his play resembes T. Harris or Kelvin Cain.

Who determines the starting lineup for the offense?


Apr 22, 2017
Manny can spurt out all the BS he wants but if we get blown out by Bama the first game cause he’s playing guys like Wiggins and Pope instead of guys that can actually catch then fly the f’kn planes game 2.

I love most everything Manny has done in each of his off-seasons but it’s time to put the players who can actually play on he field and not the guys that have taken up spaces the longest and if those players all happen to be soph and Fr then so be it.

other teams seem to have underclassman who can be stars why can’t we.?


Senile Senior
Nov 7, 2011
It is typical coach talk, what is to be expected "so and so sucks...never, but the WR core needs to improve and by even singling out Wiggins and Pope is an indication he is concerned.


Jul 28, 2019
Huge season for Manny and the UM football program. First HC year ... he hired "an OC from Bama" .. was a disaster .. took corrective action. Was SLOW to recognize / accept that Baker wasn't the guy to run the defense .. and finally took corrective action there. Now is Manny's time to prove himself as a HC and DC .. he has to beat teams with a pulse and not lose games to weak teams .. needs to win 10 games regular season. Let's see if he is "growing" or not.


Nov 3, 2011
Offseason Manny is not Gameseason Manny. One makes good decisions the other does not. Please do-not confuse the two.