Deion Sanders candidate for FSU HC per Ian Rapoport


Jul 9, 2014
Nothing screams discipline like a head coach that didn't go to class because he was above all that.


Nov 20, 2018
Penny already stepped in it.

Memphis coach Penny Hardaway assisted Wiseman and his family's move to Memphis in 2018, attorney Leslie Ballin said in a news conference -- and the NCAA has deemed Hardaway a booster.
Wow. Didn’t Gus Malzahn do a similar thing when he transitioned from Springdale to UArkansas?


Nov 29, 2015
I didn't ask you about 124 other coaches, I asked about those 4 coaches. I'll make it easier for you, how many conference titles do they have between em'?
That's a silly criteria. You have to look at the context of the school and the resources invested. Also great teams can be in a tough conference and not win their conference but still go to a BCS game. 2011 Alabama didnt win its conference but won the title. Division titles are a fairer reflection of a coach's quality. Since Dabo took over at Clemson in 2008, either FSU and Clemson have won the the ACC championship, with the exception of a HOF coach- Frank Beamer in 2010. Cutcliffe, for example, is at a school that puts virtually no money into football but he won the coastal against VASTLY more talented teams. He also won the SEC west once at Ole Miss.

Cutcliffe- 2 Division titles
Leach- 2 Division titles
Freeze- 1 Div title (mid south), 1 conference championship (sunbelt)
Sonny Dykes- 1 conference title (WAC), has SMU ranked #23

The last three Miami coaches had lots of football experience. How many combined division division titles did they win?

Also there are schools that dont belong to a conference like Notre Dame so it is impossible to judge their coach on conference championships. Let's aim higher and say BCS games are the metric of a good coach. Charlie Weiss coached in 2. So of 5 coaches in the BCS era without football experience, 1 made it to a BCS game multiple times. So based on statistics it's fair to say that 20% of the time, if you hire a coach who didn't play college football, he will make it to a BCS bowl multiple times.

I didn't calculate the number of head coaches that have coached in a BCS game since the BCS era started in 1998 but as a ball park # let's say 20 years, 4 teams per year means at least 80 BCS appearances. Of those 80 appearances several coaches appear multiple times, so lets estimate that 1998 30 different coaches have coached in a BCS game. There are about 127 BCS teams. There is an incredible amount of turnover so estimate that over 20 years a total of 300 coaches with college playing experience have coached at a BCS school. 30 coaches out of 300 making it to a BCS game equals 10%. So you have a better statistical chance of making it to a BCS game with a coach who didn't play college football than a coach who did.

This is all to illustrate the old saying that correlation is not causation. There is no reason to believe that coaches who played are better than coaches who didn't. As a matter of fact, the stats show otherwise. You might as well say that coaches with receding hairlines are more successful than bald coaches or those with a full head of hair. You could also say that in the state of Florida, you have a far, far higher chance of hiring a successful coach if you look for one who has been cuckolded by his wife.


Nothing will change if there are no changes
Nov 12, 2015
I think Bill Belichick was a third string deep snapper on a D3 team for 1 year (he got injured early in his sophomore year) . That's not zero college football experience but it's pretty damn close. Seeing as Belichick is the GOAT football coach and had only a minuscule amount of college FB experience, I think it pretty much invalidates the idea that a coach had to play college football to understand the game.

As an aside-
Really interesting article about the injury.

Inside the risky play that wrecked college center Bill Belichick's leg
John Madden played at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Chuck Noll played at Dayton
Bill Parcells played at Wichita State
Don Shula played at John Carroll University
Feb 2, 2019
Just read over there that Bob Stoops is choice one, but James Franklin is choice 2. There's no way Franklin goes there.


Nov 8, 2011
Deion Sanders retired from football almost two decades ago and has never coached a minute in his life. There is zero chance he will be hired as FSU's head coach and has to have been added to this list as some type of courtesy.

IF he somehow got the job—meaning everyone else turned it down—the only "instant energy" would be the rest of the college football world laughing their asses off as the Seminoles making the dumbest hire in the history of college sports.

With the recent Stoops talk and now this—based on fact Briles and Leavitt are staying—it seems FSU is simply looking for a figurehead who can sit atop the program for 2-3 years before they turn the keys over to head coach in waiting, Briles. They simply know they can't promote him yet and need someone to come in and right the ship program-wise before he takes over.

I think Deion Sanders has been coaching high school football for 10+ years now in Dallas.


Feb 19, 2013
Two great Deon quotes. “not tackling is a business decision. They don’t pay me to tackle.” And “these shoulders are made for suits not tackling.” Is he the worst tackling defensive player in nfl history?