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Defensive Line


Dec 4, 2012
There were a lot of guys not playing in the game. I noticed the size on the players on the sideline - Roberts, Kelly, Ismael, Harrison-Hunte and even Harvey looked like he’s added good weight. That’s a lot of talent not in the spring game.

Moss looks like a Jason Taylor clone - as far as body type. He has a good first step and hustles. He needs to add 30lbs or so to his frame to really contribute, but will be really good in the next couple years.

Thomas Davis blew me away with his first step and dip move. He’ll make some plays as a situational rusher.

Lichtenstein was better than expected - he looked like he used his leverage and got off blocks on the run and had some good pressures. He would be better suited to be a base SDE and then inside as a pass rusher.

LT was good - but he has a couple more levels he can reach. He has obviously been working on not running himself out of plays like our DL did in the previous scheme. Once he finds the balance of playing with his hands and shooting gaps he’ll be a problem.

Haye looked much bigger than I thought he was - not tall but thick. Hopefully Miller and him can hold down the 1T spot.

It was hard to tell with so many guys out, but I do think that the Line was much more disciplined than in previous years which means I don’t think we’ll be seeing 500+ yards rushing by UNC this year.

Also on a side note the tackling (before they started playing thud) looking night and day from last year.