NFL Davonte Adams traded to the Raiders

We are gonna see if Davonte Adams is really that dude or not. Derek Carr is a very good quarterback...but the difference between he and Rodgers is cavernous.

Just imagining this Packers team getting a freakshow like Christian Watson and just moving on. 4 picks in the first two rounds...maybe they could also move Jordan Love considering this year's QB draft class...this could be a team that finally puts the assets they have to put them over the top.
Can anyone point me to a WR signing a huge deal like this that’s turned out to be beneficial for the team? Always seems like it goes bad and they’re just stuck with a lot of eaten cap space.
Philly has 3 1st round picks this year. GB may have 2 but they are lower will be interesting to see where they use them. I like my Giants 2 top 7 picks. Should get some immediate help.