Could use some help


Aug 12, 2012
There are some WEIRD dudes on this web site,but this odd duck may take that title home!

Fawk_U Haters

Jan 11, 2015
Below are two kids I coach, just wondering if you guys think these kids have the potential to be low d1, or d2 kids. Could use some input on what levels to try to contact. Thanks

Sr 5'10 OLB/SS -

Jr 6'1 Receiver -
I like your OLB/SS better than your WR. I think your OLB can play, but i doubt he is 5'11'' as he looks smaller than that.

Physical attributes will probably keep them from DI at any level, but you never know it only takes one coach who thinks he can play for them right. I would send his tape to all Non P5 schools. The SS might be able to play at an Ohio U, Toledo, UTEP or a school such as that. If no interest there go with FCS and DII. No bites there go DIII.

The WR i would say lower level FCS or DII. Worse comes to worse DIII is always an option. The WR has some height, but he is not a burner from the film, but he can play at some level