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Lol so our coaches take all the time watching good and bad film them FL comes in behind and offers anyone we want and takes them.. haha you can't make this up
Any player that doesn't want to play in this system with coach kool is a fool

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staff never had shot with him, got in late and he wasn't coming here why act like he was. next year will have to get some dt's though but this years depth chart doesn't leave much space for kids to come in and play right away

martin , and ford are nice to have around in 2 yrs and dj Johnson if he grows to big could play dt, then u figure I doubt both McIntosh and Norton go pro a year early and we should be ok , but have to land a few next year in recruiting much like did o line this year.
Oh he got it right might have to figure out who the new coaches are soon . 2 years all gator coaches fired , ten same thing
Coach Kool was looking at Conliffe since last spring. I have been talking about Conliffe since last spring so make no mistake Miami wanted him until about a month ago and I will leave it at that!

Also for those thinking UM didn't need him, the kid is going to be a very good NT if sticks with his training and listens to Chris Rumph who is a very good dline coach by the way ( he created bama great dlines of the saban era up until he left 2yrs ago).

Article on Conliffe and UF coach Chris Rumph

Florida football recruiting: Defensive tackle Elijah Conliffe commits to Gators - Alligator Army

As for Gaynor pushing Conliffe's **** in LMAO go watch his Conliffe's highlights or better yet watch entire O-D All American game he is on the red team playing next to Jon Ford who looks small next to him by the way. Conliffe is a big *** country strong young man with a very quick first step for 320lbs. If they matched up today Gaynor would get beat badly! That said Gaynor is a great pickup and will develop nicely at Miami.

Go Canes

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