Comparing 2017 WR Commits + Recruits


Redshirt Freshman
Jun 22, 2013
With signing day right around the corner I decided to watch film to get a feel for what our WR class will look like.

Jeff Thomas - This guy has superstar written all over him. Like Ahmmon Richard's senior film, JT is electric on every play. His speed, acceleration, agility and vision are elite, which makes him a threat to score often. One great thing about him is his ability to influence the play from the backfield on jet-sweeps all the way to fly routes - his film shows him working underneath routes and going across the middle of the field as well. If he has his head on straight and is dedicated (and commits), I don't see how he could not be a factor next year.

Evidence Njoku - Evidence is getting a huge line of credit thanks to his brother. And what I mean by that is since his brother proved himself here, I'm not going to hold Lil' Njoku's high school competition against him.

With that said, he is easily my second favorite WR recruit. The dude is tall as ****, fast as ****, knows how to high-point the ball, and is a threat with the ball in his hands. Just like big bro, I can see Evidence going on to be a star in college and hopefully beyond.

Devonta Smith - Here I'm going to defer to those who clearly know more about him. Devonta has been a prized bluechip prospect for us for a long time, plus he is highly rated nationally. My thoughts on him may be a bit controversial, so I hope you can share your opinions with me.

Like I said, I defer to those who know better. So I hope like **** he chooses to come to us. But when it comes to skill players I'm biased towards those who look like a threat to score whenever the ball comes their way. I don't see that with DS3 despite HUDL saying he has a 4.46 40. What I do see is this: a player whose frame looks an awful lot like Stacey Coley, but a player with much less explosiveness. From his senior highlights alone, he looks like a WR who can consistently move the chains whether he is going across the middle, working underneath or going deep. I'll say that while Devonta doesn't stand out as a "****" prospect to me, you need variety amongst your receivers to make an elite group.

Mike Harley - Forget all the drama, this is a player I want. His speed doesn't jump out to me as much as Jeff Thomas' but how can I hold that against him? His film shows him constantly getting beyond the defense or taking a short pass and out-running them. I've seen people on this board compare him to Phillip Dorsett and after watching tape that seems like a fair, but not complete comparison. Dorsett had elite speed and I personally don't know if Harley's deserves as much praise (anyone here have good info for comparison?). But in Harley's favor, I think he is better after the catch (on punt returns he showed good vision).

Coach Richt spoke this season about the WR's lack of elite speed. Well, if we're lucky that all seems to be changing very soon. Sending Harley deep on a few plays is either going to result in great opportunities for him to score or loads more space for Richards and the other receiver/TE's to work with.

Jordan Pouncey - Pouncey is my type of player. He's a play-maker like Jeff Thomas, but without the same level of athleticism. That is by no means to say he is slow. If the coaches are only going to take 4 receivers, then I'll have to agree with their rumored choice to pass on Pouncey. If Jeff Thomas is coming, then you get more variety keeping Njoku, Harley and Smith than replacing one of them with Pouncey. With that said, I like the kid and would be happy to take him.

Those are my thoughts. I haven't included or watched film for potential wide receivers Henderson or Dallas. What do you guys think?